Can Greece Repeat The 2004 Miracle, Yes They Can! And They Will!

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen I would like you to flashback in 2004 at the Euro Cup that was held in Portugal. An inexperienced  Greeck team, with a coach that most people considered a joke, qualified for the Euro Cup.

Most people thought "Greece will just have another epic fail", the first match was against Portugal, Greece managed to win 2-1, everyone was completely shocked.Then Greece went on,qualifying for the quarter-finals.

The Greeck team would knock-out the ultimate favourite France, then they would go on and eliminate Czech Republic at the by far greatest match of the Cup. At the final Charisteas would send Greece to the heavens and Portugal to hell.

The Groups of the 2010 World Cup are ready and Greece is set to face Argentina, Nigeria and Korea. No one can doubt that all three teams are great and no one can doubt that we are going to witness some great games, but the question is; Can Greece repeat the miracle and win the World Cup?

Firstly to win Greece must qualify from the Group stage. I think that we have good chances, we will face a team at or even below our level (Korea) and great team like Nigeria, and of course one of the favourites to win the cup Argentina. I believe that not only the Greeks  can qualify but they can also get the first place.

Just see the things from my point of view; Nigeria and Korea are good teams, but if we won a strong Ukraine at their house what bothers us from crushing Korea and Nigeria? Also Argentina might be a strong team but don't forget that they struggled to qualify.

Lets say that Greece passes, lets mention who we will probably have to face: Brazil, Italy,France,Italy,Spain, Netherlands,England,Germany,Uruguay,Portugal or Cote d'Iviore,Mexico,Switzerland and some others. 

I believe that if we pass the enthusiasm of the team combined with the great coaching of Otto will gather Greece the win. 

I know and I keep in mind that the Greeck team is not the same with 2004 as those guys will be 6 years older but Greece has got some great players. We have a goal scoring machine at the attack known as Salpigidis, a veteran Karagounis at the center to assist the young blood(Ninis) and other good players( Kiriagos, Moras etc).

My opinion for Greece is that the Pirate Ship will take the trophy for loot back in Greece! I would also like to hear your opinion.