Morning Ramble - 12/4

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2009

There really hasn’t been much to report yet…but here’s some of the updates from the past week:

The Brewers are reportedly interested in Greg Zaun. I think he’d make a great addition and has been undervalued almost everywhere. Like I said before, I’d also be cool with Yorvit Torrealba, but Zaun is probably cheaper and will put up similar stats.

Lots of teams are interested in Ben Sheets and Mike Cameron. Every other day on ESPN rumors or other sites, there’s another team showing interest in one of those guys and who can blame them.

By the way, the miss noticed that Mike Cameron was 4th in almost every offensive category for the Brewers last year. Felipe Lopez was often third in those categories. Both players were NOT even offered arbitration.

Some posters on the JSonline site apparently believe that Randy Wolf has signed a three year deal with the Brewers and that this would be a good thing. I don’t believe it is at all. Randy Wolf had arguably his best year pitching in the cavern that is Dodger stadium. He also has only thrown over 200 innings for one year in the past five (last year…a contract year) so this year he’s looking for a multi-year deal. I think Wolf coming to Milwaukee has bad deal written all over it.

That said, it’s really sad but he is one of the better names on the market. I don’t know…it just reminds me of the Jeff Suppan signing. Wolf’s numbers overall are slightly better than Suppan’s were when he signed so I guess it could be worse than Wolf…I just don’t want to get into another long contract that was overpriced based on the lack of talent in the free agent pool and because the player had a surprisingly strong showing the previous year. I still would pass if he wants 9 million +.

Two “under the radar” players I want the Brewers to be interested in: Noah Lowry and Jamey Carroll. Feel free to post your own.

Winter meetings next week…woo!