Bears/Rams Preview, Bears Hodgepodge, Misc. Hodgepodge and Picks

Adam SimpsonContributor IDecember 4, 2009

ST. LOUIS, MO - NOVEMBER 23:  Antonio Pittman #30 of the St. Louis Rams is stopped against the Chicago Bears at the Edward Jones Dome on November 23, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Bears beat the Rams 27-3.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Rams Preview, Bears Hodgepodeg and Misc. Hodgepodge


A simple look here, here or here will give an idea on where I stand regarding the Chicago Bears and their coaching/management.  With that being said, the Bears and Bear fans should thank their lucky stars that they are not as lowly as their next opponent, the 1-10 St. Louis Rams.  The Rams roll into Soldier Field with Cal quarterback and Ravens outcast Kyle Boller at the helm of the rudderless ship known to football fans as the U.S.S. Rams (or Lions, both franchises are interchangeable in jokes). 


If the Bears want to win and not sink to an unthinkable low they have to do one thing: keep St. Louis’ defense stagnant.  Stagnant, as in keeping them at the bottom quarter of the league in both picks (8, third fewest in the league) and sacks (18, fourth worst).  If the offensive line can keep Jay Cutler’s jersey clean the Bears should be able to pull off the win and stop their current four-game losing streak. 


Sadly, the Bears have lost six out of their last seven with the sole win coming from a game in Cleveland in which the Bears looked confused and executed poorly, yet still won easily.  This is a must win for the Bears as fans are getting restless and unlike nearly every other team in the league, the Bears have nothing to lose for as they gave away their first and second round draft picks this year, along with their first next year as well. 


Even with the Rams’ Steven Jackson playing much better (and actually finding the elusive end zone) and rookie linebacker James Laurinaitis (son of this famous man) making a case for defensive rookie of the year the Bears have proven that they are the top dog at the bottom of the barrel.  If the Bears can keep the hurries, sacks and interceptions out of the stat sheet they should have no problem with the Rams and their 374 yards/game allowed average. 


Need one more stat?  The Rams have given up an average of 27 points a game while only scoring 12.  Still craving some statification (I make up words, get over it)?  The Rams only win this season came in the battle of the crap, outlasting the lowly Lions.  Bears win 27-14 in a game that will be closer than it should be.


Bears Hodgepodge and Tiddly Bits


·        It’s no secret I would like to see a radical management/coaching change this offseason, however unlikely that might be.  However, someone will take the fall for this season and all smart money is on Ron Turner to be the fall guy.  Would the Bears go after Charlie Weis to fill that role?  Probably not due to the money that would be involved but it is intriguing.  The Bears are vanilla on both sides of the ball: You know what to expect.  Weis is a schemer in that he prepares for teams individually as opposed to running the same system and game plan.  It would be refreshing.

·        The Bears signed Cato June this week.  When I saw this I naturally assumed friends of mine we’re playing the ole ‘let’s change all the calendars and put fake news in his inbox and make him think its 2005’ trick on me.  They weren’t, but yet I still feel a trick was played on me.

·        Gaines Adams, the overpaid, underperforming talent whom the Bears traded their second round pick for (which in all actuality was their first round pick this year… and next) has accumulated three tackles this year. 

·        Chris Harris, the underpaid, over-performing talent whom the Bears traded away for a fifth round pick (a safety, one of the many positions the Bears need an upgrade in) has 40 tackles and a forced fumble this year.


Miscellaneous Hodgepodge and Tiddly Bits


·        Welcome back to Earth Tiger Woods.  After a decade of acting holier than thou and controlling everything PR in his life Tiger is amazed over the stir this whole “scandal” has caused.  Maybe next time someone takes a picture of the man who has made over a billion dollars in his career he can react a little nicer.  If nothing else Tiger, don’t fret: there are plenty of bartenders out there to plow through.

·        I’m not very hip, so I honestly had to Wikipedia this girl to find out who she was (I knew the name and that she was a singer but that’s it) but, um… Katy Perry at the Grammy’s?  H-O-L-Y S-N-I-K-E-S!  And trust me, finding out that she was the singer of the “kissed the girl” song sealed the deal for me.

·        The finale of The Ultimate Fighter is Saturday, featuring Roy “Big Country” Nelson vying for the UFC contract against Brendan Schaub.  It’s been an entertaining season but some of the fights have been lacking (note, I have yet to see Wednesday’s two-hour show: it’s on my DVR to-do list today) in excitement.  However, this season has had a lot of drama between the coaches and makes me really want to see the Rashad vs. Rampage fight that was planned and may never happen due to Rampage being bitten by the acting bug.  Kimbo Slice also makes his UFC debut this week; let’s hope it looks a little better than his fight against Big Country.

·        The NFL is making some serious strides in the making of new rules for the treatment and evaluation of players suffering or even possibly suffering a concussion.  However, it appears the biggest thing the NFL can do now is educate the players further regarding concussions.  Seems that the Steelers’ and Cardinals’ locker room showed some resentment over their respective quarterbacks choosing to sit the game out. 


Betting Lines to not take to the bank


PHI (-5.5) over ATL

CHI (-9) over STL

CIN (-13) over DET

TEN (+6.5) over TEN

DEN (-4.5) over KC

NE (-4) over MIA

OAK (+14.5) over PIT

NO (-9.5) over WAS

TB (+5.5) over CAR (I’d even take that straight up)

JAX (pick em’) over HOU

CLE (-13) over SD

DAL (+2.5) over NYG

SF (pick em’) over SEA

MIN (-3) over ARI

BAL (+3) over GB


Record: 0-0.  Be sure to check back on Monday or Tuesday to insult my choices.


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