Seattle SuperSonics: The Team Belongs to Us

Mosang Miles@MosangMSenior Writer IJune 17, 2008

It's our team.

You may own it in name, but it's ours in spirit.

You may be battling the city of Seattle and another millionaire for legal rights, but we have the right to root, to cheer, to love.

The Sonics don't belong to you, Clay Bennett.  Or you, Howard Schultz.  Not even to you, David Stern.

The Seattle SuperSonics belong to us—the fans.  The supporters.  The heart and soul of the team.

After 41 years of tugging at our heartstrings, flying us to joyous heights and sinking us to depressing lows, the Sonics are family.

We stick with them through thick and thin.

We cheered Payton and Kemp, Allen and Lewis, Sikma and Brown and Wilkens.  We relished the city's only major men's sports championship.

And in the darkest days?  Expansion basketball?  Vin Baker slumping down the court?  This past season, with the lowest win total in franchise history, with an owner trying to demoralize us like an abusive parent?

We stuck by the Sonics then too.

That's why we turned up by the thousands on Monday, June 16, outside the federal courthouse where Bennett and the city are slugging it out.

That's why Sonic legends Gary Payton and Xavier McDaniel and local boy made good Spencer Hawes appeared and spoke words of encouragement to the Seattle faithful.

That's why I bused five hours from Vancouver, BC to attend the Save Our Sonics rally, then turned around and bused back home the same day.

This isn't about money.  This isn't about breaking leases or honoring contracts.

This is decades of emotional investment, of dedication, of passion and heart.

You're not taking our team.

You can't.

The Sonics will forever be ours.