So…About this Brotherhood Thing With Ray Lewis and Ray Rice

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IDecember 3, 2009

From the jump, please know that I’m not insinuating anything inappropriate or lascivious about Ray Lewis or Ray Rice.

But it is truly interesting to watch the burgeoning brother-to-brother dynamic between Lewis, a grizzled-14-year veteran who could motivate a glass of water; and Rice, the second-year, hard running mighty mouse who is the heart of the Ravens’ offense.

Ray Lewis has played beside some great defensive players; Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs and Trevor Pryce are among the current installment, and Chris McAlister, Peter Boulware and Rod Woodson are among the former squad members.

Never have I heard him make these kind of proclamations of personal endearment for a teammate until Rice and until this year.

Maybe Rice has more of a work ethic tailored after Lewis’ heart, or maybe its because Rice provides the offense a more dynamic look than they’ve had since arriving in Baltimore. It’s very puzzling that Lewis and Rice seem to have forged this kinship, where many other defenders, and fellow Ravens from the ultra-cliquish University of Miami, have not.

You hope for the best intentions out of Lewis specifically, because given his record of calling out the offense for costing him trips to the Super Bowl, you don’t want to paint him a opportunistic cheerleader.

It’s just that Lewis has rarely had anything publicly gushing to say about any Ravens offensive player, outside of Steve McNair. And he had to die to get that out of him.

Now, it’s a brotherhood thang with the best player on the team.

Not speculating, not hating. Just saying.


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