A Response to a Women Wrestlers Article: Is There a Top-Five List?

Christi LottCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2009

Before I begin, let me say that work and everyday life have completely taken over in the past two months, and now it has slowed down to give me a chance to write.

Also, neither women's division in WWE or TNA have really done anything to write about, though I have a feeling that will change. I do have two other articles in mind to write which will focus on Melina and Mickie James.

I read an article on 411mania.com the other day that really had me thinking. This article has some of the websites' writers give a top-five list of greatest women wrestlers of all time.

I personally found almost every list a bit disappointing and completely one-note.

Each list is mainly compiled of WWE or former WWE Divas, a few Japanese wrestlers are named, and the luchadoras are completely ignored. My question about this article: Can women wrestlers from different era and different countries truly be compared?

When I think back to being a kid, the first woman in wrestling that comes to mind is Miss Elizabeth. She made a bigger impact on me than any woman in a ring could.

The first woman wrestler that I can think of truly enjoying watching on a weekly basis when I was in my early teens is Chyna. But can I all her one of the all-time greats? No.

To me, her impact was more on wrestling itself because she was different, but it didn't really change much in women's wrestling for a long time. Do we now compare all WWE Divas to her no? Only Beth Phoenix, it seems, gets that.

The one everyone gets compared to is Trish Stratus.

Is that fair? No.

The Divas and Knockouts of today aren't in the same time-frame as her and aren't allowed or able to be in the same kind of storylines or matches she was able to be in.

I would not deny that Trish is the greatest of all time...in the WWE. She's one of the greatest of all time...in America.

People today, unless they seek it out on the Internet, aren't exposed to Japanese or Mexican wrestling. If you want to just see women take it to each other in every single match without the skin-flashing or hair-flipping, these are the kind of women to watch.

But is it truly fair to compare Trish Stratus to Manami Toyota? Chyna to Bull Nakano? Melina to Mariko Yoshida? Lita to Faby Apache?

In the end, where it's a bit easier to compare the men to one another, it's just not that simple for the women. Women's wrestling has a different impact in each part of the world, and the styles and look of them are also drastically different.

Even I can't pick five because to ignore anyone else is simply unfair. Even if I was obligated or forced to make a list, it's simply too difficult. If women's wrestling was treated the same all over the world, maybe the choices would be easier.