NFL Predictions Week 13

Edwin BearContributor IDecember 3, 2009

Season Spreads: 50-37

Season Winners: 64-23

St Louis (+10) at Chicago: Chicago will win but the Rams make it closer than 10 points.  The Bears are bad this season and even though they play better at home I have confidence that Cutler will throw a couple interceptions to make this game close.

Denver (-5) at Kansas City: It’s tough to play in Kansas City but I see the Broncos stomping the Chiefs.  Denver’s trying to keep pace with San Diego while at the same time stay on top of the wild card race.  Denver has much more to play for and will stay focused through the loud rivalry setting.

New England (-4) at Miami: New England is playing great right now and Miami’s coming off a terrible fourth quarter beat down against the Bills.  I see the Dolphins coming out flat and the Patriots ruining their playoff hopes with a blowout victory in Miami. 

New Orleans (-10) at Washington: The Redskins have kept games close lately but Drew Brees will come in and throw for over four hundred yards in Washington leading his team to a double digit victory.

San Diego (-13) at Cleveland: San Diego will take care of business against another terrible team and cover the spread while staying ahead of the Broncos in the AFC West.

Can’t Pick These

Jets (-3) at Bills: Both teams have struggled too much to know who will win.  It’s going to be another terrible Thursday night game.  Two bad teams plus short rest equals yawn factory.

Philadelphia (-6) at Atlanta: The Falcons are disappointing and Michael Turner isn’t 100%.  Still the Eagles tend to have stupid play calling from time to time to lose them games so this one’s a tossup between which team plays worse.

Detroit (+13) at Cincinnati: The Bengals should cover the spread but their offense is struggling.  They only beat the Browns 16-7 last week and I expect this game to turn out the same way.

Oakland (+15) at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh’s down in the pitts lately.  The Steelers should dominate but I don’t trust the way their playing even with this being at Heinz Field.

Tampa Bay (+6) at Carolina: It’s been a tough year for Carolina and I could see it getting tougher with a lack luster performance against the Bucs.  A loss here could mean the end of Jake Delhomme.

Tennessee (+7) at Indianapolis: Which teams run will come to an end?  The Colts seem to always pull games out late and the Titans have done the same thing lately. 

Houston at Jacksonville: A battle of two of the most mediocre teams in the AFC.  The Jags could end Houston’s playoff hopes while staying in the hunt themselves.

Cowboys (-3) at Giants: It’s Romo’s chance to knock New York off the map in the playoff chase.  I just can’t pick against the winning spirit of Eli when his backs against the wall, especially when Dallas is proven to struggle in December.

San Francisco at Seattle: Who cares?  I don’t even think 49er fans will be watching.  They just want 80s and 90s to come back.

Minnesota (-4) at Arizona: This really all depends on Kurt Warner’s status come game time.  We could be witnessing this year’s NFC Super Bowl representative against last years.

Baltimore (+3) at Green Bay: This game means more for the Ravens than it does the Packers.  Green Bay has control of their playoff destiny while Baltimore doesn’t so I can see the Ravens being more focused and winning this game.  It’s just hard to pick against the Packers in Green Bay during this time of year when they’re playing so well.