Rodney Wallace Makes His UFC Debut at the Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IDecember 2, 2009

In the realm of mixed martial arts, there is one show, one name, one leader that truly sets the bar for the rest of the sport.  Very few choose a career as a cage-fighter without the ultimate goal of reaching this pinnacle.

Rodney "Sho Nuff" Wallace has earned his chance to dance on the biggest stage in the sport.  His high level of talent, dedication, success, and some sharp management have earned him a contract offer to fight for the UFC.

Wallace fights at 205 and carries a record of 9-0.  Looking at Wallace's body of work thus far, the UFC will not be disappointed in their decision to sign him. 

He represents the new era of MMA.  Not unlike the blueprint made famous by Georges St. Pierre, Wallace is dangerous in multiple facets of the fight game.

Not just any fighter makes it to the UFC.  It does not happen overnight.  Only the best the sport has to offer are given the opportunity to compete, to bring their brand of fight to the world.

Only the best can say they fight for the UFC.  Rodney Wallace can now say that with pride.  He makes his UFC debut on December 5th at the Ultimate Fighter 10 Heavyweights Finale.

He is diving into the fires against a dangerous opponent immediately.

Some fighters ease their way into competition in the UFC.  They fight other up and comers trying to make a name for themselves.  Or in many cases they break in through The Ultimate Fighter. 

Sometimes though, a fighter debuts against a known competitor right out of the gates.  Former WEC LHW Champion Brian "The All American" Stann is Wallace's first test in the Octagon. 

While Brian Stann is not necessarily elite in the LHW realm, he is a game and very dangerous competitor.  He has a lot of pride in being a veteran U.S. Marine. His fights are a tribute to his brothers and sisters in uniform.  This drives him to be an aggressive, and fierce warrior. 

His ground game leaves a bit to be desired but he is capable of ending a fight early with vicious striking.  The man has no fear and attacks moving forward more often than not.  A dangerous fighter without a doubt.

Wallace will have his hands full.  He will need to weather a storm to impose his game.  Surely he is prepared to do that.  This is his chance to shine. 

Rodney Wallace may not be a household name but the man is no slouch in this industry.  There is plenty of fight footage displaying Wallace's striking and ground prowess. 

He utilizes a combination of seamless grappling and precision striking to pick his opponent apart.  His attack varies based on what his opponent does. 

He has throws, submissions, knockout power, speed, agility, this fighter is the whole package.  Add to that a killer instinct, and you have a recipe for success.

His ability to adapt is very impressive.  A great example of Wallace's diversity would be his fights at Vendetta Fighting Championships.  There he showed strength in every facet of the game, eventually winning the tournament.  He won three fights in one night, two submissions and one decision.

What is an exciting aspect to Wallace's debut against Stann is the fact that Stann is a known name in the sport, with a reputation as a dangerous fighter. 

If Wallace is able to defeat Stann, it instantly displays his ability to compete with a man who was a champion not that long ago.  Stann may not have set any title defense records, but a champ is a champ.

Regardless of how the fight goes, Wallace will have his opportunity to show what he can do against the former WEC champ.  It should be very fun to watch.

With Fight Legion Inc. managing him, a great sponsor like, and Team R.O.C. in his corner, Rodney is in good hands.  He has a world of potential in front of him. 

Look for him to make a splash in the big kid section of the pool real soon.