Jeff Hardy's "My Life, My Rules" Is the Best WWE DVD This Year

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2009

I just bought and watched the Jeff Hardy DVD and I have to say, it is an impressive outing from the WWE.

The documentary is set up like that of the old boxing documentaries. It begins it's story during the preparation for Jeff's last match. Then it bounces back and forth between that match and interviews, clips and reactions from Jeff on certain moments in his career. It was really a great documentary and should have been given more hype. 

The documentary has Jeff discussing, among other things, some of the superstars he has enjoyed facing since returning in 2006. 

He had high praise for John Morrison and Triple H, even saying HHH is the best at what he does. He also gave a lot of credit to Matt and also discussed his straightedge/free spirit feud with CM Punk before ultimately taking a break from wrestling. 

The big emotional moments of the documentary were when Jeff discussed his two drug suspensions and his house burning down.  He was especially emotional about the death of his dog Jack, which is understandable; who wouldn't be upset at the loss of a beloved pet.

During the interviews we got a chance to see Jeff with his friends and girlfriend at his newly built house, as well as some of his opponents like Edge and CM Punk.  The comments from everyone were very positive and seemed to indicate that this was not the end for Jeff.

The documentary portion overall was the best part of the DVD for me.  It was closer to a shoot interview than anything else WWE has put out, even including comments from Jeff where he said he disagreed with some of the rules of the wellness policy. 

There were plenty of extras on the DVD.  My personal favorite was when Jeff and Matt sang a song with their father, who seemed to truly enjoy singing with his sons.  Some of the other features were about Jeff's love for motorcross, music, movies, painting and The Hardy show, Matt and Jeff's online reality show. 

The match selection on the DVD is what you would expect; they tried to put in great matches that haven't been on a bunch of other DVD's. 

The first match was Jeff as a teenaged jobber facing the 123 Kid. It was hilarious to see Jeff's Vanilla Ice hairdo. 

Another standout match was the first triangle ladder match between the Dudleys, The Hardys and E&C.  This match was not featured on the Ladder Match DVD so it seemed like a good choice.

They also featured the matches you would have expected, including HHH vs. Jeff for both the number one contendership and the WWE title. The triple threat where Jeff won the WWE title and of course his final match vs. Punk in the cage.

Some surprising match selections were Jeff vs. Shawn Michaels from Raw, Jeff vs. Carlito in a ladder match for the IC title and Jeff vs. Shelton.  All great matches, but still surprising to see some of them included.

One of the best parts of the whole set was Matt and Jeff doing commentary on the triangle ladder match.  They said that they felt it was the worst of the matches those teams had because they were moving a mile a minute and there was no real story telling, but both admitted that the spots in the match were amazing.

The Hardy Show segment was shocking because it was WWE advertising something that wasn't owned by them. 

It's good to see the WWE support what Jeff is doing outside of the ring.  He even has his SummerSlam art show on the DVD.  He painted a large canvas face before the summer time event and it was quite impressive for only 45 minutes of work.

Overall this is the best DVD WWE has put out this year, or for the last five years for that matter.  They really do have a great production team who made a great, moving docudrama about Jeff's last three year run up to his final moments in the WWE.

Five stars from this guy.

What did you guys think of the Jeff Hardy DVD?