PODCAST: Former Football Players Weigh in On BIG 12 Championship Game

Stephen FosterContributor IDecember 2, 2009

"The Sports Piece" podcast is based out of Austin, TX so obviously we may have a little bit of interest in Big 12 sports and the University of Texas. The current Big 12 Championship game also has even more special emphasis being that I was a graduate assistant coach with Nebraska when "we" were winning National Championships, so Robert and I thought it wise to bring on some former players from both the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Texas Longhorns.

We tried to keep the players even Stephen, so we have two former wide receivers and two former linemen. The players from Nebraska are Matt Davison and Matt Hoskinson. The Texas players are Sloan Thomas and Matt Anderson.

Matt Davison (on show from 3:00 - 15:00min), former WR from Nebraska, says it's great for Nebraska to be back in the Big 12 Championship Game since they've only been there once (in 2006) since 1999. He also thinks the Nebraska defense is great and will have a chance to win if the defense can make some plays. Overall, he doesn't think the Cornhuskers can win unless they hold the Longhorns to 21 points or less.

Sloan Thomas (on show from 15-24min), former WR from Texas, thinks that the Texas defense will be the key to the game and adds that Texas' Zone defense is their weakness that teams could exploit. That being said, he predicted a 35 - 7 win by Texas. When we asked him about the future of the Longhorns after Colt moves on he shared that Garrett Gilbert is an excellent player and believes he'll leave for the draft after a good Junior year.

Matt Anderson (on show from 26-39min) came on next and the former lineman for the Texas Longhorns felt that this is going to be an exciting game. He cited that each of the previous times Nebraska and Texas have played, the game was a big game. He somewhat agreed with Matt Davison that the Nebraska defense is good and could disrupt the offensive line, however he thinks Texas makes good in-game adjustments and should overcome even a potential gamechanger in Ndamukong Suh to win 34 -14.

Guy Rozier (on show from 39-52min), a former Nebraska player, brother of Heisman Trophy winner, Mike Rozier, and currently the Assistant Director of Athletic Development for the Nebraska Cornhuskers came on in a pinch. He talked about Colt McCoy's Heisman chances and moved on to hype the Saturday Big 12 Championship game to be an upset game. He was certain that this will not be a cake walk for Texas, stating that the Huskers are mentally prepared and even predicted a WIN FOR THE HUSKERS BY A FIELD GOAL!

Then we got to former lineman for the Huskers, Matt Hoskinson (on show from 52-60min), who gave us a brief opinion of the game on Saturday stating that it'll be a  challenge for Nebraska being that Texas has a very good defense and Nebraska has ben up and down on offense. He said that if Nebraska wants to have a chance to win, they need to control the clock then let their defense do the rest because the defense is the "real deal". That being said, he tried to be realistic and predicts a one touchdown win for the Longhorns, but doesn't feel it will be an easy win.

Overall, it should be a good test of a "potential" Heisman Trophy winner going up against a hellified defense. A win for the Huskers would propel them back into the National picture, a win for the Longhorns and they are a lock for the National Championship Game.

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