Pony Up a Few Million; Own 10% of the Raiders

Al's WingmanAnalyst INovember 21, 2016

So the rumors are true.  Just like everything else in Raiders HQ, there are no secrets as soon as Al Davis decides to make a phone call or two or three.


What does this tell us?  No one cares about your privacy when it comes to business matters Al. They’ll all speak off the record since you have built your life around the legal system, but one way or the other everything comes out in the wash.


Al Davis has long been shopping a tantalizing piece of ownership of the Oakland Raiders franchise. But let’s be realistic, this would be as minority partners with no power or influence at all. 


This was the allure for three wall street eggheads who thought they were getting a good deal a few years ago. Can you believe that?  Who would walk into a business deal with Al Davis?


No sooner did the eggheads sign over their millions, when Al wheeled and dealed for Gibril Wilson, DeAngelo Hall in addition to laying out hefty sums for Tommy Kelly and Javon Walker.


Now that is funny,  seeing the eggheads in their corporate suite at Oakland Coliseum clinking champagne glasses dancing around like they just bought into the good life adds up to priceless humor.


For several million less, they could have just bought season tickets for the suites because that’s all they’re getting out of the deal.  That and lost vast sums of money, a whole lot of regret and misplaced hope they will ever see a return on that investment. 


It’s all in DeAngelo’s pockets baby.


The Raiders franchise is plummeting in value, is an embarrassment to professional sports, not simply based on the (mostly) woeful performance on the field, but for the obvious inept leadership. The world knows how bad Al Davis is at managing his franchise.


I’m laughing and so is everyone else who looks at Al’s terms for buying in (if it gets that far, most likely, no one has stepped forward for serious talks since the Brent Jones investment group was rebuffed).


We can talk restructured contracts of the players not living up to their commitment as Raiders (no bang for the buck) or we can talk reality which is Al just wants more money to waste on bad personnel decisions and that’s why he wants to sell 10% of the franchise.


A new billboard a mile from Oakland Coliseum politely asking “Mr. Davis” to hire a GM is a fruitless wheel spinning exercise.


Great sentiment behind the gesture, no chance of success. 


That’s what you get when you are dealing with a ship dead at sea.