College Football's Week 13 Awards

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIDecember 2, 2009

Sorry we're late this week. After getting tied up with writing pseudo obituaries for Charlie Weis and Bobby Bowden's careers at Notre Dame and Florida State, as well as giving Al Groh the British "two fingers," we thought we could rest.

But then we remembered our Week 13 Awards for "rivalry week." And boy, was last weekend fun....

Games of the Week

1. LSU 33, Arkansas 30: Redemption lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after getting the clock right and hitting the tying field goal, and eventually winning out in OT.
2. Alabama 26, Auburn 21: Can we get our breath back? Please?
3. Stanford 45, Notre Dame 38: Charlie Weis' game was a fun one. Mind you, haven't most of Charlie Weis' games at Notre Dame been fun.
4. BYU 26, Utah 23: The "Utah Classic" had the boys in Salt Lake City happy, anyway.
5. Texas 49, Texas A&M 39: A&M never gave up.

Now You've Got Your Pink Slip Award (in order-ish)

1. Steve Kragthorpe (Louisville). Just. Not. Good. Enough.
2. Al Groh (Virginia). Throw a massive party in the frat houses—Groh's gone!!
3. Charlie Weis. Hey, Fat Charlie the Archangel—Notre Dame just filed for divorce (Name the song!).
4. Bobby Bowden. Thanks for the years, Bobby.

Early Pink Slip Favorites for 2010

1. Mark Mangino (Kansas): If he stays in 2010.
2. Rich Rodriguez (Michigan): If the Wolverines collapse three years in a row, RichRod's out.
3. Mark Richt (Georgia): The locals are getting tetchy
4. Jimbo Fisher (FSU): I wish I was joking
5. Dan Hawkins (Colorado): He's got one more year. Goodbye in 2010, Dan!
6. [Add coach's name here] (Notre Dame): No pressure is like Irish pressure.

Big Surprises in Week 13 (although there are no surprises in rivalry games, apparently)

1. Georgia beats Georgia Tech 30-23. Didn't think the 'Dogs had a prayer. Helped with Nesbitt's injury, though.
2. Mississippi State blows out Ole Miss: Cue hot band/cheerleader girls.
3. Missouri 41, Kansas 39: How did that happen again?
4. The way Arizona beat Arizona State: Special teams, Devils, special teams!!
5. How woeful Florida State were at Florida: We expected better.

He Should Get The Heisman Award

1. Toby Gerhardt (Stanford): A team was on his shoulders for the whole season. He answered.
2. Colt McCoy (Texas): Great quarterback, but the defense and....
3. Jordan Shipley (Texas): Made this team.
4. Mark Ingram (Auburn): Was a No.1 pick right until his poor outing at Auburn.
5. Tim Tebow (Florida): Coach Tebow's speech to UF players of 2028: "No one will see us lose in 2028. I promise you!"

Early Heisman 2010 Awards

1. AJ Green (Georgia): Quite simply, the best wide receiver in college football.
2. Michael Floyd (Notre Dame): He's quite good too!
3. Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State): Piles up the yards like nobody's business—and yet woefully ignored.
4. Matt Barkley (USC): Watch the improvement from Year One to Year Two.
5. Tate Forcier (Michigan): He's already the player of the year at Ohio State, so why not get an award for his own team?

Games we're looking forward to in Week 14

1. Florida vs. Alabama (SEC Championship Game): Biggest. Game. Of. Season.
2.Oregon State vs. Oregon: Civil War by name, Civil War by its on-the-field nature. Oh, and the winner goes to the Rose Bowl. So no pressure then.
3. Georgia Tech vs. Clemson (ACC Championship Game): It was a great game earlier on in the year, and the repeat shouldn't be bad either.
4. Texas vs. Nebraska (Big XII Title Game): So who thinks we'll see Colt McCoy in the fourth quarter? Anybody?
5. Arizona vs. USC: Cheerleaders people, cheerleaders. The coeds aren't bad either.

Now, back to Florida vs Alabama. This is what happened in 2008. We can't wait for more of the same.


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