Jerry Angelo Looks To Complete 2005 Dream Team in Chicago (Satire)

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Jerry Angelo Looks To Complete 2005 Dream Team in Chicago (Satire)
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Jerry Angelo is at again this season, adding another piece to a franchise that seems to be just a few years late.

Cato June became the newest member of the Chicago Bears on Tuesday.

June has not played a single down this regular season after being placed on injured reserve in August while with the Houston Texans.  They reached an injury settlement in early September, making June a free agent.

Angelo has made several questionable acquisitions (and non-acquisitions) during the 2009 Bears campaign.  Having already signed Orlando Pace, a member of the 1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets championship squad, Angelo defended the signings at a press conference.

"I really think this is a great idea", said Angelo, "I mean, these guys were awesome in 2005, what can really change in four years?"

The Bears are in desperate need of defensive help, and June just so happens to be a former All-Pro.

Angelo also said, "Don't think we're done here either. We sorely need more talent. That's why I've already put calls into John Lynch, Deltha O'Neal, and Brian Urlacher."

When someone in the crowd reminded him that Urlacher was in fact still on the team, Angelo replied, "Yeah, we know he's hurt and everything, but we called him and told him to play like '2005 Brian' next season."

June was unresponsive to interviews, simply making one statement, "Please get out of my bathroom."

June was signed to a one year deal, and the Bears placed Pisa Tinoisamoa on Injured Reserve to make room for June.

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