Preachers Porch: SEC Year in Review

Jesse MitchellCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2009

Well the Preachers' back on the porch after a grueling month and a half of radiation treatment for a pesky little brain tumor. So let me begin by thanking all of you that wrote and asked how I was doing. I never missed a game, just did not have the energy to write much.

But the view from here is looking pretty darn good, and while I try to be as unbiased as possible, I am going to allow myself to gloat just a little on my Crimson Tide making history and having two consecutive undefeated regular seasons in one of the toughest conferences in the nation.

And I must offer all the Auburn haters an apology as promised because they did win more than five games. I am not betting any money that I will get the promised apology back because they did not run the gauntlet and come in second place.

So hear is the view from here:

1. 10 Teams in Nine Guarenteed Slots: Will someone get left out?

The SEC is guaranteed nine bowl games if the teams are eligible, and we have ten teams eligible. Will someone get left out, or will some other league get screwed instead? Any way you look at it, there is no fair way to decide. Either a bowl- eligible SEC team gets left out or another league's bowl- eligible team does. Of course, we must pull for the SEC team right? All the more reason for some type of playoff.

2. Could Bama and Florida Play Twice?

Highly unlikely, but theoretically possible. If it happens, and me being a man of faith who tries to play this right down the middle, if Texas loses to Nebraska and a one loss Florida or Alabama is allowed in the BCS game, it would be the most unfair and unsportsmanlike decision the BCS selection process has ever made. There are three unbeaten teams that could play competitively with any SEC or Big XII team—TCU, Cinci, and Boise State. True State has a mush schedule, but TCU and the Bearcats have dominating teams.

3. Can Bama beat Florida?

Of course they can. But if they play like they played against Auburn? Probably not. Any way you look at it, these two teams are evenly matched in offenses that might show up and might not and suffocating defenses. And if Bama and Florida both field the same team that played Tennessee, it could be an ugly game.

4. Kentucky still Gets No Credit

At the beginning of the year, I picked Kentucky as the most likely team to upset the whole conference and could even win the East. Without their injuries to most of their key players, they could have won 10 games—but I digress. But to win 7 games in this league playing your second and third team offense? Coach Brooks should be awarded the Coach of the Year.

5. Next Year will be Dominating

Bama and Florida will still be loaded, and South Carolina will field the best team in their history (if Steve Sr. keeps calling the plays). Mississippi State, Auburn, and Tennessee will have all their kinks worked out (if the coaches can afford all the bond and bail money, ha). Kentucky, Georgia, and Ole Miss have potential if their coaches plan right,

It will be one hell of a season. I am already ready for it to begin.

And no, I did not leave LSU out, I just do not know what to say about them yet; let's see if the Hat makes any staff changes first (and enrolls in a math class and does not get put on probation from the NCAA)

Preachers Power Rankings:

1. Alabama     2. Florida     3. LSU (Barely)     4. South Carolina     5.Tennessee       

6. Kentucky     7. Mississippi State     8. Arkansas     9. Ole Miss     10. Auburn

11. Georgia     12. Vanderbilt

I know I will get some nasty comments, but that the way I see it from the Preachers Porch.