Looking In The Crystal Ball: A Prediction For The 2010 Yankees

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Looking In The Crystal Ball:  A Prediction For The 2010 Yankees
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Here is my peek into the crystal ball:  How will the 2010 Yankees do? 

Here is a trade that they will make:

Jesus Montero, Melky Cabrera, Joba Chaimberlain, and Ian Kennedy to the Blue Jays for Roy Halladay, Brad Emaus, and Vernon Wells.

The Free Agents that will be signed:

Jason Bay

Jason Marquis

Andy Pettite

Hideki Matsui

Octivio Dotel

Joe Beimel

Lineup and predictions:

1:  Derek Jeter, SS:  .330, 15 homers, 70 RBI, 2 errors.  Another great year for the greatest basehitter in the storied history of the Yankees

2:  Robinson Cano, 2B:  .325, 27, 95, 162 games played, leads the Yankees.  A breakout year for Cano, his sweet swing propels him as he rides the two train for the Yankees. 

3:  Mark Teixeira, 1B:  .297, 41, 120, 1 MVP trophey.  An MVP year for Tex.  'Nough said.

4:  Alex Rodriguez, 3B:  .275, 42, 130, 1 more World Series ring:  His average and speed continue to slow with age, but he breaks out with a league leading 42 home runs.

5:  Jason Bay, LF:  .270, 35, 110, 180 Ks:  Although he leads the Yankees in strikeouts, he produces.  And, he is an upgrade defensivly in left. 

6:  Hideki Matsui, DH:  .270, 21, 95, 0 games played in the field:  His numbers continue to sink with age, but he has another great season with the Yankees. 

7:  Jorge Posada, C:  .270, 20, 80, 100 games played:  His last season at catcher, he will continue to impress on ofense, and his D continues to decline.  Joe Mauer is a free agent in 2011...

8:  Vernon Wells, CF:  .300, 25, 110, 2 Errors:  His impressive play will earn him the six spot, but he will have to start out here.

9:  Nick Swisher, RF:  .250, 29, 80, 1 SB:  He is far from the best hitting right fielder in Yankee history, but what he brings to the clubhouse makes it worth it.


1:  Roy Halladay:  2.80 ERA, 22-5, 210 Ks, 1 Cy Young trophey:  I can't really say much more.

2:  C.C. Sabathia:  3.10, 20-7, 210, 5 CG:  He will try to work hard to uproot the ace hole from Roy, and his stats will look a little better.

3:  A.J. Burnett:  4.50, 15-10, 150, 102 BB:  I would call it a failure.

4:  Jason Marquis:  4.00, 18-6, 120, all-star appearence:  A great free-agent deal for the Yankees, the underrated Marquis will earn the three spot by the end of the year.

5:  Andy Pettite:  4.20, 10-9, 120, he retires at the end of the year:  Sadly his last year, Pettite will retire, but not after an okay year for the Yankees.  He goes 6-0 in the playoffs, with a 1.20 ERA.

CL:  Mariano Rivera:  1.50, 1-1, 45 saves, 0 IBB:  Another Mo year.

The Yankees, if they make these moves and add some people to the bench, will win the world series, and perhaps win 116 games.  This is a great team.  The only thing I would worry about is injuries in the rotation.  Phil Hughes would have to replace anyone who was injured in the rotation.  But it will be a great year.

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