Shredded, Ripped, and Torn: Roids Rage On Tour?

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Shredded, Ripped, and Torn: Roids Rage On Tour?
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There was a time when professional baseball players were considered to be the least physically fit of all the athletes in the four major sports (baseball, football, hockey, and basketball). But that's changed.

There was a time when professional golfers assumed that mantle from MLB. But that's changed too.

As a life long golfer, I'm concerned.

In the mid-1990's, we believed that baseball's most hallowed records were being challenged due to stronger players, smaller ballparks, and "hotter baseballs." Now we know better.

Since the late 1990's, we've been told essentially the same things about the game of golf. The players are stronger, technology has increased distances, and the courses have become "smaller."

I'm beginning to wonder if something else has changed too.

The most significant factor in championship caliber golf is distance. When a golfer increases their distances, their chances of winning are enhanced.

Before we get conned again, the PGA Tour needs to put in place a drug testing program that will protect the integrity of the game.

(Sports and integrity in the same piece? How naive does that sound?)

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