Packers Vs Ravens Matchup

Anthony BonnetCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 22: Quarterback Aaron Rogers #12 of the Green Bay Packers talks with head coach Mike McCarthy against the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field on November 22, 2009 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Packers defeated the 49ers 30-24. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
Scott Boehm/Getty Images

The Ravens vs Packers game will certainly be a good Monday Night Football game. The Ravens have a chance to show their aggressive running offense, while the Packers will be trying to protect Aaron Rodgers. And we all know how good he can be without pressure all the time. 

The number one story of this game, is if the Baltimore Ravens' D can get pressure on Aaron Rodgers. If they are able to do this successfully, Rodgers probably won't get into a rhythm. He will be sacked multiple times, and the running game will be shut down. If the offensive line can protect Rodgers well, he'll make big plays, and so will the running backs. I think that the Ravens will fail to get much pressure on Rodgers, and he will air it down the field a few times. 

Will the Packers' D be able to stuff the Ravens' running offense? If they can, they are sure to win. Our secondary is good at their worst when against a mediocre wide receiving corps.  If Pickett, Jenkins, and Jolly can stop the likes of Rice, McGahee, and McClain, this will probably be the easiest game out of the three remaining over .500 that we have to face. 

Will Mike McSharpie or Mike McCarthy be calling this game? Will Capers implement a similar game plan he used in the Cowboys game? Of course you all know who Mike McSharpie is. He calls games better than McCarthy; more west coast offense plays are called when he's the coach... and with a porous offensive line, we need this kind of play calling. On the defensive side of the ball, I'm not saying the Ravens are as good as the Cowboys on offense, but we almost let the 49'ers beat us at the end of that game, for goodness sakes. If the Packers D can stop the run, it will come down to how well the coaching is.

This win will decide our season, in my opinion. We'll beat the Seahawks. If the Cardinals are resting their starters, we'll beat them. Two games that worry me are the Steelers, obviously... and surprisingly the Bears. I like our chances, but remember, in our 13-3 season a couple years back, 2/3 of our losses were from the Bears. 10-6 is the worst record we need to have to get into the playoffs. We're out if we don't get ten wins.