Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers: A Match Made in Heaven?

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IDecember 1, 2009

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A reunion between Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia 76ers is more likely to happen before next Monday than not.

While A.I and the Sixers organization parted ways back in 2006 on “bad terms,” it seems as if the two have placed their past (and feelings) aside and are ready to begin a new long, loving, and lasting relationship.

After kicking the season off with a disappointing 5-13 record, this is clearly the best possible news for the Sixers organization and fans worldwide.


Why is this a match made in heaven?

For starters, obtaining a highly-publicized player of Iverson’s caliber will immediately sky-rocket ticket sales, increasing revenue (something that the Sixers are lacking this season as they rank second-lowest in the NBA in fan attendance).

Aside from the money, after starting point guard Lou Williams went down with a broken jaw on Nov. 14, the Sixers have become in desperate need of a starting point guard.

Since retiring on Nov. 16, Iverson has been in search of a new home, somewhere he can play the starting point-guard role and maintain starter's minutes throughout the season.

Ironically, the only team willingly able to fulfill Iverson's needs are the Sixers.

With the Sixers in serious desperation to fill seats and improve on their lousy record and Iverson seeking to prove to the NBA world that at age 34 he can still play ball with the best of them, is this a match made in heaven?

You betcha.


**Fantasy Tip**- Pick up Allen Iverson in all fantasy leagues as if all goes well, he will begin to play starters minutes and produce at a top-tier level for all owners!

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