Top 5...Uh 6 Potential Wrestlemania 26 Matches

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2009

Whats'up guys. I will suprised if any of you even remember me since it has been months since I posted anything here on Bleacher Report.

I have decided to write again but only on a irregular basis. None of my reports/articles will be as detailed as I used to write either. This will probably one of the few exceptions.

So I will start here with this article. Pretty basic stuff to come back with I admit. I am going to list the 5 matches I see as most likely for Wrestlemania with the way the stories are going right now.

As an added bonus I will list the 8 men I think should be in Money in the bank and list a few matches to round out the card.


#1. Undertaker vs. John Cena

The rumours are already running rampant on this one and honestly I do see it happening. I am torn on this one though. With Takers health issues and speculation on when his retirement will come it is very likely this could be his last Wrestlemania.

It is because of this I am torn. One one hand this match would be very good as I have no doubt Taker would give whatever he had left in the tank and Cena would bring his A game. On the other hand if this is Takers last WM Cena is a bad opponet choice.

I am one who thinks the streak has to end eventually. Sorry to all the UT fans out there but I stand by this. In the eyes of the fans UT's streak going down would be a HUGE rub for whoever did the deed.

Under no circumstances should that be Cena. He does not need it at all. Give it someone who does or don't end the streak (which I would advise against)

Regardless if the match does take place I will still look forward to it. Cena may not be the best wrestler alive today but he can deliver the goods in matches like this. It would flirt with being a classic.

#2 Edge vs. Chris Jericho

The odd of this one happening are not very good right now with Edge's possibily of being back in time at under 50%.

If Edge isn't 100% precent by febuary I would not bring him back. If by some measure of good luck he is then this match has to happen.

It would be great storyline continuity on WWE"s part and would be an awesome match to boot.

Otherwise Jericho will probably be stuck in MITB next year (shudder)

#3 Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels-WWE Championship

Personally I think this feud is overdue for a part 2. I also think it isn't suitable for a Wrestlemania (think summerslam). However that seems to be where they are headed. I can't necesarrily disagree but it is not the best option.

If I had my choice it would be Orton or Cena versus one of the upstart Faces or Heels. But as backup plan this is probably the best. These two men know how to seel a feud and have great chemistry together (obviously). A serious rivalry and match could end up being a highlight of the show.

I fear however that WWE would go a little silly with the booking. The only way this will work is to have one man go completely heel. I pick HBK if only to make it different from the past.

This is one of those matches I would like to see but can't wholeheartedly support for a Wrestlemania main event. We'll see if WWE can change my mind.

#4 CM Punk vs. Christian

I loved the little bit of interaction we had between Punk and Christian these last few weeks and I would love to see more. I think it's coming.

Sadly for Punk it looks like he will be elevation talent for the next few months helping mid card guys get to the main event. Christian has the credibility but hasn't had a credible program. Punk could give it to him.

Making this for the ECW title would be going backwards so I would have Punk cost Christian the title at some point leading to a straight match.

It would be very good and the exact kind of platform Christian could use to finally become a big time player.

#5 Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase

I know some people were thinking that ted would have turned by now but I think WWE held off to elevate Kofi first. However I do think the turning point will be the royal rumble.

This is a match that I feel needs to happen. Even if Ted Dibiase breaks free from Legacy if he never has a feud with Orton he would only be remebered as a n Orton carbon copy. He needs a strong personal feud to kickstart his singles career.

Also Ted wants this match to happen and seemingly Orton does too with the word coming from WWE's camp lately. Orton seems more focused on giving the rub now more than ever.

I also think this could be very goo. Ted has shown promise on the mic if in only brief spurts. He also has shown tremendous talent in the ring again if only sporadically.

This type of rivalry could help him become more consistent in both areas. And more important too because it would be a shame for him to waste away into purgatory.

 #6 World Title-Batista vs. John Morrison

I know some of you are looking at that and scratching your head but hear me out. Batista is expected to go into Wrestlemania with the belt and he is expected to face a babyface from smackdown.

Immediately thoughts might go to Rey Mysterio but with reports surfacing that WWE might force him to take a full on knee surgery that amy not happen.

So who will fill in his place? John Morrison. WWE has already had talks about it as they feel the time is now to elevate Morrison to the next level. With Mysterio down and Hardy out Morrison's way is paved to become the next high flying main eventer.

I would look for him to drop the IC title to McIntyre soon and then come to the defense of Mysterio. Then at the Rumble he can eliminate Batista to spark a feud bbetween them before going on to the final four.

Then Batista wins the title in Febuary and voila you have a main event title match that elevates Morrison into the limelight. It would be interesting to see the styles mesh but if Batista is motivated it could be very good.



MITB Praticipants



Sheamus-Huge Push should tapper off before long and Sheamus will bea good fit for the rugged style of the match.

Kfi Kingston-Not only should you expect Kofi to be in this match but one would have to beleive he would be the favorite.

The Miz-Miz has seemingly dissapeared the last few weeks but I expect him to resurface and build momentum for this match. The Mouthpiece.

Big Show- I was honestly devastated when I heard Show wasn't in last years match because it will be a blast to see him launch people off ladders. He gets in this year.



Bryan Danielson- Expected in ECW soon Danielson will hopefully make an immediate impact and find his way into this match.



Drew McIntyre-Probably the second best bet McIntyre has momentum but is in danger of losing it with shoddy booking. This is as high as I place him on the Wrestlemania card.

R-Truth -Expected to receive a renewed push Truth was another expected praticipant last year but was beat by hometown man Mark Henry.

Dolph Ziggler- This will be the consolation prize for a push that never materialized. Ziggler is the dark horse here. I wouldn't be shocked to seehim pull it out.


The Rest

Womens Title Michelle McCool/Beth Phoenix (either one) vs. Trish Stratus-With division soaked in mediocrity I wouldn't be suprised to see WWE return to this match after opting out of it last year.

ECW Championship Shelton Benjamin vs. Vance Archer-Vance will probably be the No 1 contender by this time after a long slow build from the E. I hope Shelton gets his due and is allowed to win and defend the title at the show. At least he won't be in MITB again.

(Pre Show) 4-Way Unified Tag Titles Cryme Tyme vs. Hart Dynasty vs. MVP & Mark Henry vs. Caylen Croft and Trent Baretta- This is the obligatory get everyone else on the card match. I almost turned it into a gauntlet invitational but didn't want to overkill it. Croft and Beretta are the new kids on the block.


Overall this looks like it could be a very good card. I think what I have here is very realistic and I would not be suprised to see several of these matches on the final card. Of course there are some wild rumours running around such as Rock vs. Cena or a return of Stone Cold.

However I take all those rumours with a grain of salt and say to a majority of them; doubtful. However it is fun to speculate as I have done here. Tell me what you think. I'd like to here some other opinions. 


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