2009 NFC West Featured Columnist Competition: Week 12 Results

Scotty KimberlyAnalyst IDecember 1, 2009


This just in: Drew Brees in on fi-yah!

Unfortunately, three contestants (including the man writing this) chose the Pats in Monday night's game...(insert sad face here).

Week 12 is in the books of the 2009 NFC West Featured-Columnist Competition.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the competition, click here for details, and please keep checking back for updates throughout the year! 

The NFC West went 2-2 in Week 12, once again securing a victory against one of their own (Seattle topping St. Louis). San Francisco had a stellar outing against the playoff-caliber Jacksonville Jaguars, while Arizona succumbed to a comeback by the Fighting Vince Youngs out of Tennessee.

Here are the results and honors from Week 12.


Week 12 Individual Standings (16 Games)

Ron 14, Chris 12, Dray 12, Rob 12, Andrew 11, Scotty 11, Seth 11, Steven 11 

Week 12 Team Standings

St. Louis 25, Arizona 23, San Francisco 23, Seattle 23 

Season Individual Standings

Andrew 131, Rob 130, Scotty 130, Seth 124, Chris 123, Ron 121, Steven 121, Dray 118

Season Team Standings

Seattle 260, San Francisco 249, St. Louis 245. Arizona 244

Monday Night Football  Team Tiebreaker

San Francisco 23, Arizona 22, St. Louis 22, Seattle 20


Pick of the Week -  Chris (Houston over Indianapolis)

Yet another Pick of the Week features a losing effort, but I just can't help it, this pick came so close  to a longshot upset pick!

Houston dominated the first half of Sunday's matchup with Indianapolis, at which point Chris was most likely preparing his Underdog Victory speech.

Indianapolis dominated the second half of Sunday's matchup, however, netting 21 in the fourth quarter  and relegating Chris to the oh-so-familiar Underdog miss...

Almost a hero, Chris...


Fail of the Week  - Seth (Kansas City over San Diego)

This should be re-titled "Epic Fail of the Week." There were a few swings and misses in Week 12 (a few guys taking Jax over SF, a few guys taking NE over NO), but none rose to the level of choosing the Fighting Matt Cassels to prevail on Sunday.

I don't hate the pick. In fact, my disdain for the Chargers almost took me to the same place. However, this pick ended in disaster.

Hey, at least Jamaal Charles had a good day in fantasy football, right?


The Underdog Remains Dead! -  Zero Underdog Bonus Points

Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Houston are all on the hook for leaving the Underdog Bonus on life support in Week 12. 

None of these three teams pulled off the upset for Andrew, Seth, and Chris, respectively. 

The Underdog lives to fight another day, but could the Underdog Bonus have been a one or two week wonder?...


Hot Streak - Ron (14/16 in Week 12)

The raw score for Ron was outstanding in Week 12. Ron only missed two games (Miami over Buffalo, which all eight contestants missed, and St. Louis over Seattle) in Week 12, leading him to a first-place finish.

In even better news, Ron's performance this week vaulted the St. Louis FCs from fourth place into third at week's end. 

Good work, Ron.


Struck Out Swinging -  None

Just like Week 11, this was a very level week, so there wasn't a contestant who really screwed the pooch. 

Last place in Week 12 comprised of four contestants, all of which had similar ups and downs across the board.

Once again, congratulations to the group for this accomplishment!


What Might Have Been - Had Pittsburgh topped Baltimore in OT

If Pittsburgh had seized one of the many chances they had to win on Sunday night, this competition would have had drastically different results for Week 12.

For starters, Andrew would have landed the Underdog choice, putting him at 13 points for the week, while every other contestant would have dropped back two points.

Additionally, San Francisco as a team would have reached 25 points, while Seattle, who it is chasing for first place, would have fallen to 21. Instead of trailing by 11 points in the season standings, San Francisco would only trail by seven.

All of it can change, just like that...


Good week, guys.

That's it for Week 12. Chip in on what you think.


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