The Start Of Success For The Suns

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The Start Of Success For The Suns
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The Start Of Success For The Suns
by Vincent Yin
NBA Dimensions Exclusive Article Member:

The Phoenix Suns are proving to everyone out there that they can do other things than just age. The Suns have recently been on a tear by only losing one game of their first seven games for the start of the season. This places them tied with the Lakers at the #1 spot in the West.

The Run and Gun system in which the Suns specialise in is starting to become a lethal weapon in the NBA. Teams have now got to find a way to stop this fast paced offense or they will soon add a loss to their record. The Suns entered the season without any respect whatsoever but soon enough they were able to prove to the league that they are threat after defeating the Celtics in Boston.

I believe the Suns could be one of the best teams in the West this season, sure defense won't get them far in the playoffs but I'm sure it'll get them a high enough seed to be able to get themselves an easy opponent in the playoffs which would get them into the second round with ease. I'm sure the Suns had no intentions of contending this season but there is no doubt they aren't considering it right now.

Maybe getting rid of Shaq for nothing might have been something cause it seems that we ripped the Cavaliers off, we made them a worse team and made ourselves a better team. But I don't think the loss of Shaq was what made us what we are right now. It has got to be our players, the whole lot of them.

Steve Nash has returned to his old form and entering a whole new level of basketball. Maybe he won't be going for too long but I'm sure he won't be stopping any time soon. Channing Frye has been amazing offensively and can finish it in the paint and outside on the perimeter along with with Jason Richardson who takes advantage of the smaller guards by posting up on them in the paint. Grant Hill has been nothing but consistent and healthy, he doesn't seem to be 37. Amar'e is playing on a whole new level, he just returned from an eye injury but he is playing as if there was never a problem.

This could be the season that the Sun shines in Phoenix because the Suns seem to be bringing the heat wherever they go.

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