Chicago Bulls Off-Season Mysteries.

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Chicago Bulls Off-Season Mysteries.
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Hello and welcome to another blog by me, 23Bullsaj.

I really hope you enjoy my latest blog, written on November 2, 2009 and I will write more soon. Therefore, enjoy!

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Chicago Bulls Off-Season: Sub-Part:Wade and Rose Pairing, Can it work?

A quote from an Eastern Conference Executive:
An Eastern Conference executive believes that Dwyane Wade would excel alongside Derrick Rose in Chicago.

Wade is headed for free agency next summer and the Bulls are one of seven teams that are expected to chase a top-level free agent.

"I've heard some people say both need the ball in their hands too much to be effective," the executive told the Chicago Tribune. "I don't see that as an issue at all. Wade doesn't get credit for how well he moves without the ball. And great players always find a way to make it work." - End Quote.

Hey Miami fans, sorry to disappoint, but I strongly believe Dwyane Wade will be leaving Miami. I do not think Miami will make any moves, thinking that their roster is set as it is, angering Wade to leave the Heat for a competitor. Seriously, Derrick Rose is 10 times better then Michael Beasley, sorry Heat fans, but it's time to accept the truth. The Chicago Bulls are missing one piece from being a championship contender and that is an elite proven superstar. A low post presense or a flashy scorer can change all of this. I'm not stating that Wade will be coming to Chicago, but I'm predicting that he leaves Miami after this season.

I'm agreeing with what the Eastern Conference Executive stated. I really believe great players can find a way to make it work and these two are going to be great. Great players find a way to make things work and Wade can move without the ball, and Derrick Rose is un-selfish. I'd rather take a Bosh or an Amar'e over Dwyane Wade, because Chris Bosh and Amar'e fit the Bulls criteria over Wade, but I would be plenty happy if Dwyane landed in Chicago. Overall, I have no complaints on who the Bulls take for the off-season.

The Chicago Bulls are reluctant to resign Tyrus Thomas to save cap space for the massive 2010 Free Agency, most likely the greatest free agency in the history of the NBA. Tyrus Thomas wants to resign with the Chicago Bulls, but the Bulls are hesitant, they'd rather have a Chris Bosh or Amar'e then Thomas. You have so many stars and superstars coming out, that the list is endless. You're a loser, if your team does not pick up anyone, during the 2010 Dream Free Agency. Can the Bulls not be cheap and get someone? The world will soon find out soon.

Dwyane Wade recently bought a townhouse in Chicago, hinting he might play for the Bulls. I think NBA Fans would love to see a Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose back court, but I'd rather have a Chris Bosh or Amar'e. They fit the Chicago Bulls needs for a dominant low post player, when the Bulls are shooting horrible. The Bulls could unload multiple contracts and sign D-Wade and Bosh to a deal. Maybe one of them can lure the other into playing for the same Chicago team.

What do you think, can it actually work? What do you think the Bulls will do this summer? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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