Oh Roy, Oh Roy Will Halladay Go?

Kate Conroy@@ladylovespinsSenior Analyst IIDecember 1, 2009

Rumors are swirling around the baseball world; about Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay. The possibilities of who, where and what it will take to get this stud are endless.


WHO – is in the running? Any GM with a pulse is going to weigh options out.


This inevitably becomes Halladay’s decision as he has a no-trade clause. Toronto has limitations in regards to their excitement because if a team is not on Roy’s short list he will play through his contract 2010 and become a free agent for 2011.


Halladay has said whom he won’t be resigning with in 2010; that is the Blue Jays. So, getting players is almost emanating for the team’s future. The Jays know what is possible to expect in return and so it is ideal to get it done.


Everyone knows that Roy wants a ring and a fruitful contract so Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox and Angels are the logical choices.


WHERE – the answer is EVERYWHERE, as all teams are drooling over just the possibility or the dream of Halladay playing in their uniform.

 It has been reported that Halladay is a tad jealous of his old teammate’s year-old uniform, blue and white pinstripes.  Oh and I am sure AJ Burnett’s World Series ring as a New York Yankee is very appealing.


If not the Yankees, the next best thing would be to shove it in the Bombers face and it has been said that Boston Red Sox made the cut as well. Boston’s GM Theo Epstein is supposedly willing to comply. It’s been heard that December 7th kind-of quickly, as Epstein wants Roy secured in Bean-town before the Winter Meeting that start in a week.


Halladay has other “where” possibilities to choose from as both Los Angeles teams are supposedly displaying major interest.


The Angels chances are slim to none on taking John Lackey back, so Halladay would be an above and beyond replacement on the mound.


Joe Torre’s Dodgers need a big time, game winner like Halladay. This was evidently their biggest issue that needs to be addressed after this past post-season.


The Dodgers are supposedly scraping together an offer with the hopes the Jays desperation will go into effect, if the big teams offers flop.  The Dodgers have some solid prospects, but it will come down to if Chad Billingsly’s included in the mix or not.


This makes up for the lack in finances in going up against the endless bank accounts of baseballs richest. Also have to consider if Roy’s idea of playing with Manny will be any kind-of a factor here.


The Dodgers need a big time, game winner like Halladay, which was the evident issue regarding from this past post-season.


Two other National League teams with big interests are the Mets and Phillies, who are fully joining this hunt too.


The Phillies cannot afford to give any more chances for Cole Hamel's because losing the World Series was enough. Pair that with Hamel's bad attitude and you can’t rely that he will ever be back to where he was in 2008. With a huge and surprising disappointment now on the team’s shoulders, Halladay would be a perfect solution.


HELP is the first word that comes to mind, as the Mets needs are a plenty. What could be a better place for the Mets to start than Halladay? Their players need a big lift so they will actually want to play and get back to being a contending team, again.


Let’s not forget that the Mets fans have been through a ringer of disappointment, with broken promises of glory for to long. The time has come to amaze the fans again or Citi-field is going to be a lonely place for David Wright & Company.


WHAT – will it cost team’s to get Roy to be their new toy?

 It will cost a ton but that is only expected because Halladay has earned it.

 To start off, a hefty group of young prospects with major potential. Then to counter-balance the young talent with either big bat or solid pitcher too.


Oh and don’t forget that Halladay will want to sign for a few years and at age 32 that makes his future a tad more insecure.

 Everyone knows that Halladay is a fitness freak and is in superb shape. That doesn’t ignore the fact that he did sit a few games last season due to injury.  This is a possibility with any athlete but I am a Yankee fan so understand my concern form the past.


Halladay has been nothing but awesome thus far. No other pitcher went straight threw nine complete games, like Halladay has for the past three years.




This is not appealing, a lot of teams because of his large contract.  It is a way to get rid of Wells but only in teams that can afford to do it but expect players offered to lessen.


Nothing has been officially from Roy’s mouth in regards to a statement and nothing in stone, as far as offers yet from the Blue Jays camp.


Hopefully for Halladay he gets out of Canada this time.


So it’s time to let the Roy Toy games begin, once again.


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