Steve WilkinsContributor IDecember 1, 2009

After two years out of the ring Roger Rakauskas of South Boston stepped back into the fight to fight Timothy Fitzpatrick of Dorchester,MA. It was a Thanksgiving day showdown between the two who have faced eachother in the past twice before to both take a win. Rakauskas coming into the fight weighed in at 153lbs. Fitzpatrick weighed in at 160lbs. The fight started at 6:15 pm on Thankgiving Thursday attheP.A.L. gym in South Boston. The fight lasted 2 minutes into the third out of four 5 minute rounds with a very impressive haymaker thrown from Rakauskas that landed Fitzpatrick on the mat. The whole fight Rakauskas played his role on defence that enabeled him to go strong into the round. The two fighters threw punches at eachother fast and hard finding eachothers opening. The fight was set up by Jackie Feeney the owner of the gym and the friend of both families. after the fight we asked Feeney was his thought were on the fight and he said " You know Rakauskas called me up and told me how much he missed being in the ring so i thought i'de fix that". Feeney also stateing " I know how much these kids have in them they have alot of heart i just hope the way these two fight stays in the ring and out of trouble". After the fight  we got comments from both of the competitors Fitzpatrick saying " I had fun in there, it obviously didn't go my way but it gives me something to work on. It doesn't matter that its been two years since Roger's last fight hes a great fighter and a hard fast hitter". Also Rakauskas saying "Damn what a fight, That was a fun one. Fitzy is one of my good friends and i was shocked to learn that he was my opponent and i was a little nervouse. All around it was a good fight im happy with the way i conducted myself and used my defence to help me win the fight and now im ready to go eat some Turkey thank you very much for everyone who came to watch and Happy Thanksgiving. These two fighter showed a classey performance and put on a great show for the audiance



Out Come

W. Rakauskas of South Boston

L. Fitzpartick of Dorchester

Two minutes into the third round on 11-26-09  P.A.L. Gym of South Boston,MA