Chien-Ming Wang Out, Yankees Explore Possibilities to Fill Void

Benjamin YenContributor IJune 16, 2008

With a 5-0 lead and two outs, the Yankees paid a high price for Derek Jeter's two-RBI single. Chien-Ming Wang will be out three months, leaving their pitching rotation without its star pitcher. Undoubtedly, Mike Mussina is now the ace of the team. Andy Pettite has been up and down, Joba Chamberlain is still questionable, and for some odd reason, the Yankees just can't win when Darrell Rasner is on the mound no matter how well he pitches.

Should the Yankees make a move on Cleveland’s C.C. Sabathia now? I for one think so. However, I would not make that move now, but maybe closer to the trade deadline. Why? Because there is actually hope with other pitchers on the roster now, and those pitchers now who can start in place of Wang are Dan Giese, Jeff Karstens, and yes Kei Igawa. Giese, is acting as the long relief while Chamberlain is adjusting to his starting role, has actually pitched very well. 

Like Rasner, he also had a very decent record in triple-A. He was brought up in the farm system as a starter, and there is no reason that he should not be in the fifth slot. Jeff Karstens is not doing so hot in the minors, with a 1-2 record and 6.11 ERA. However, he did pitch well with a 2-1 record and 3.80 ERA in six starts (eight games) in the majors. 

He has the experience and success to a certain degree, he certainly deserves a shot. In addition, many of you would not believe me, but yes, Kei Igawa too has a chance. Some already compared him to the big bust that was Hideki Irabu. However, I do think that he deserves another chance. It was not fair to keep him in triple-A just because he gave up 11 hits. 

It was not like he gave up 11 hits to another triple-A team, but actually one of the best, if not the best line up in baseball to the hands of the Detroit Tigers. After being sent down after his nightmarish start, he posted a 3-1 record and 3.6 ERA over 40 IP. If you are paying a guy four million dollars, this is the time to get your moneys worth. 

In addition, he came from the Banshin Tigers, a team in the Central League in Japan where pitchers have to bat. Unlike Wang, he should be able to bat and run the bases since his Taiwanese counterpart who has not had a hit after he graduated from high school. Kei Igawa has the stuff. What can the Yankees offer for Sabathia?  

We all know that Robinson Cano is a mandatory piece. The Indians have a very good rotation even with Westbrook and Carmona on the DL. Jason Giambi or Bobby Abreu might be a good piece to add to the mix. Both have their contract expire at the end of the season, and with Hafner on the DL, they sure can add a bat to the Indian's line-up right now.

Therefore, the Yankees are at a crossroad. Should they get Sabathia? I think they should. He will be like one of the most dominant pitchers. To think, a rotation with Sabathia, Wang, Chamberlain, and Mussina come September or playoff (maybe). WOW, World Series anyone?