Mr. ControversyCorrespondent INovember 30, 2009




Tonight , the New York Rangers played the Pittsburg Penguins at Madison Square Garden. As the pervious game against the Pens, this was fast paced and very exciting game.

What can you say about a player like Marion Gaborik? He has that natural talent to always find the puck or being in the right places at the right time. Tonight was no different as Gabby scored two goals in front of the Pens net. Whether he is on a break-away or hanging back in the slot and banging goals in on one timers, Marion Gaborik does it all.

The surprise tonight was that Coach Tortorella did not change the line ups every shift. Avery played very well in the last 5 games and has been playing very smart hockey. Tortorella had Donald Brashear playing on the second line and surprisingly Brashear played well with Higgins and Drury.


As good as the team played, once again it was the defense that failed again. In the third period Mike Rupp for the Pens skated the puck from his own zone all the way into the Rangers zone and no one picks him up. There was three Rangers back, and Rozsival with 10 years in the league should know he has to pick Rupp up on his side. Rosy does not move and lets Rupp skate into a perfect shooting Range and score the leading goal. Once again, this is amateur defense 101. You learn this stuff playing roller hockey and for a guy with as much time in the league as Rozsival to not know this is just terrible. He had several options that he could have done. He could have went down and blocked the shooting lane with his stick or his body which would have also taken away any passing lane Rupp would have tried to go to. Rosy’s other option would have been to charge Rupp making him shoot quicker and further away then he would have liked to which would have resulted in Rupp not scoring. Either way, poor defense from ROSY, gives Pens the lead and that was enough for the pens to win the game.

Over all the Rangers played well in the first two periods. But in the third everything went to hell. The first half of the period they tried to be more physical, and they were aggressive. But in the last ten minutes it was all Pittsburg and they scored three goals in eight minutes.

I could have sworn that coach Tortorella preached on how this team was out of shape prior to him becoming head coach and that he was going to fix the problem. Seems the Rangers ran out of steam in the third were as the Pens picked up the pace of the game and picked up the win.

Henrik Lundqvist had a terrible third period were he also let in a few goals that he should have stopped. This team is breaking down ,starting with the defense. Here we are 26 games in and there has been no change in this Ranger defense. Well there has been change , they have been the worst defense in the league.

Here is Tortorella changing the offense of lines every dam game, and the defense is the worst it has ever been and getting worse with every game. Another game were five goals are scored against the Rangers.

Ryan Callahan had just around seven great scoring chances and either missed the net from point blank range or shot the puck right into the goalies mid-section.

Regardless if the Rangers are losing or not. There is no one that can complain about the playing of all the rookies. Anisimov, Del Zotto , Gilroy, and P.A. Parenteau . They all have been playing fantastic, creating chances and poising a threat.

If you watched the Henrik Lundqvist interview after the game. It seemed to me Hank did not even want to be there. Every game has been the same. Tons of goals scored with absolutely no help! Yes he did not play a great game. But it does not help knowing that anything he does will not be good enough with the defender he has to rely on to get the rebounds , clear the front of the net, or to just make better defensive plays.

The Rozsival foul up was all it took. Their life at that point was drained from the Rangers. As much as they played hard, all these mistakes are continuous each and every game, and it all starts with the defense.

The sad part was that the Rangers had about 15 great scoring chances and they came away with only two goals. This is just not acceptable. Chris Drury is skating well after his injury. So if he is on the ice then he is all well and dandy. But again, Drury is not a factor offensively. As a captain you have to lead this team by example. Talking about taking positive things from a lose. This is all he says every game. We have to look at what we did right. They lost, they did not do anything right. As a captain he needs to step up and say it for what it is. Their defense sucks, not helping support their goalie and he needs to tell them.

Hockey is all about contracts right, so that makes this whole sport a business. It isn’t anything personal to let a player know , hey, what the hell you doing out there with all these mistakes. Grab Rosy by the shirt , pull him to the side, and tell him right there and then , hey you don’t know you have to pick Rupp up that you let him skate right in 5 feet from your own net with the puck. be a dam leader already!

Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it. Just how bad does this team and their defense have to get, before someone opens their mouths and or does something.

Where is Lisin, Voros hardly played. Boyle hardly played. If this is the case, Lisin should be on the ice. Tortorella is once again benching the wrong guys. What does he think he is fooling us by benching Lisin when he continues to play losers like Redden and rosy. Giradi is no better and Higgins who I have tried to think positive about is a total wash out. This guy tries his heart out. He probably has the record for hitting the post more then anyone, this guy can not find the net for anything.

What is the curse that has been plaguing this team for so long. No matter who the Rangers sign, it all does wrong. If it is not one thing, It is another. At this time, 26 games in , only one guy scoring, it is a problem. Defense is allowing 5 goals a game, thats a problem. Finally Tortorella places blame on Rozsivals mistake during the interview, but I bet you Rosy will be back on the ice come Saturday.

From bad coaching, to good players who can not find the net, too terrible defense. Players being bench who should not be benched, and players being allowed to cost them games and not being benched. Things need to be done and done now if they are going to save this season and turn it around.

I think we need a new franchise team to come out so we can finally tell the RANGERS WHERE TO GO! BECAUSE THEY JUST STRIAGHT UP SUCK.