Tiger Woods and Society's Misdirected Attention. Or, So What?

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Tiger Woods and Society's Misdirected Attention.  Or, So What?

Let me get this straight...

The United States has an epidemic with obesity, joblessness, two controversial wars in the Middle East, Bank CEO's that run the US Secretary of Treasury Department and commit massive fraud to steal billions of U.S Tax Dollars...

One in six people in the world do not have an adequate water supply... 

The war in the Congo over gold has cost five millions lives...

On and on and on, the list of international tragedy takes place every day.

And Tiger Woods, the most popular figure in sports, may have gotten into a fight with his wife? 

She maybe got mad cause he might have hooked up with some VIP hostess in the nightclub scene for the stars.


So...when did Tiger Woods matter more than the above mentioned catastrophes?

Isn't this another example where if people, via the media, really focused on the worst problems in the world we would have progressive change?

Are we a society that is so desperate to get people in trouble we forget about what's really bad and what's just common human behavior?

Or are people so stupid that they simply listen to what they hear on TV and in the radio.

Or is it just human instinct to act like chickens and peck at a bleeding member of the species?

Because I cannot listen to or watch a sports show, turn on my internet, or even watch the regular news where the Tiger Woods isn't the top story.

The latest articles seem to read that Woods needs to "come clean...turn over evidence...not above the law...talk to cops...."

Do it for his fans—somebody writes.

Well, if you were his fan, wouldn't you have the decency to leave the guy alone? 

Sure it's a fun story...but in the end it's just junk.

It's racket.

At worst there was a domestic violence situation.

And as much as I think domestic violence is a serious problem in the United States...I also think it's common human behavior for people to fight. 

It doesn't make you a punk to point out that many laws in the United States are far too strict. Far too many people have heavily lobbied their state legislatures to crack down on crime...as opposed to lobbying for improving public education or cutting back on environmental devastation. 

Thus: Often an incident which could be handled simply with words turns into an arrest that turns into a sinister paper trail of endless court expenses, headaches, financial woes, and a whole lot of drawn out nonsense.

If in fact Tiger Woods cheated on his wife and they had a nasty spat and she decided to give him a piece of her mind and nails...so what?

People do it all the time.

And as he said in his statement on his website...he's a person.

So let's hope this fiasco blows over quickly.

Or at least let's acknowledge that it's so irrelevant to the real problems this planet faces everyday that maybe the only story worth covering here is that people waste their breath talking about it for more than a few hours.

As the wise old beat cops used to say back in the old movies after a scuffle: "Move along folks, nothing to see here."

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