Heisman Talk: Who's In It To Win It?

Jill HolcombContributor INovember 30, 2009

If someone asked you at the beginning of the season who would be your pick for the Heisman Trophy in 2009? Chances are it was one of these three superstars: Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, or Sam Bradford.  With Bradford winning last year, and Tebow being a returning National Champion and previous Heisman winner, only leaving the dangerous Colt McCoy for his time at the prestigious honor, nobody really expected anyone to come in with such a thud, as to knock out the "wonder boys".  I mean sure there's always other "potential" but none that really made a statement.

Until that is, two things happened.


Thing #1-Alabama RB Sophomore, Mark Ingram!! This 5"10, 212lb beast took the field as a sophomore to the SEC Championship Runner-up team and decided that he was going to make a statement.  And that my friends, he has done. Rushing for 1,429 yards and having 12 TD's this year, this Crimson Tide RB has put a dent in the Heisman Race and is doing all he can to stay on top.  With every game he has made more and more outstanding plays, making him the front-runner in the Heisman Watch.  Two weeks ago I would have pretty much said, he's the winner. Now, I feel maybe the polls have shifted.  Last weekend's game against nemesis, Auburn causing him to sit on the bench looking dazed and confused may have made his dreams of winning Heisman more of an apparition than a reality.  I realize that the Heisman Trophy is based on a year-long performance and for this year I think that Ingram has shown that he belongs as a finalist.  I guess the only question left is: Does having an undefeated season counteract that one "off" performance for Heisman?? Let's not hope so, for Ingram's sake.


Thing #2-Stanford RB Senior, Toby Gerhart! Man-oh-man, where do I begin here?  While Stanford sits at 8-4 for the season, Toby Gerhart has really came through making this season HIS.  Having rushed for 1,736 yards and scoring 26 touchdowns Toby Gerhart is a barbarian!  He has had one of those years that every senior hopes for in his final days.  Last weekend's performance against a now Weis-less Notre Dame sent him through the roof, with an outstanding 205 yards and scoring the final touchdown in the game.  Stanford doesn't get recognized like some of the other candidates teams' but hoping when they vote they don't overlook Gerhart.  He is simply what you call pure talent.

But don't count out McCoy & Tebow yet..


McCoy is determined.  He has showed it all season.  After being declined the prestigious award last year, he has came back and seeking retribution for what he feels rightfully should have been his last year!  With more than 3k yards and 25+ td's McCoy has lead the Longhorns to a possible National Title.  I know that Heisman isn't off one game, like I stated earlier, but if it WAS. Colt McCoy would have taken it home, hands down.  He threw for 304 yards and 4 touchdowns against Texas A&M. Despite him not being in the top polls for Heisman earlier in this season, if Colt McCoy doesn't win Heisman this year, I will be surprised.

And let's not forget....

Tim Tebow!  Despite him returning a National Champion and being considered "one of the greats" of college football of all time, Tim Tebow has had a pretty low-key year.  His stats have not been like his previous years, but fact is, he's getting it done, he passed Herschel Walker's record, his team is undefeated, longest in nations' history, and well, he's Tim Tebow.  NCAA & BCS LOVE Tim Tebow. He's the poster boy for NCAA.  Being a hardcore Gators' fan, I would be happy for him to win it, but think that there are others that deserve it more.  But wouldn't it be awesome..3 National Championships & 2 Heisman's!


I realize that there are other great candidates in the race, Case Keenum and Kellen Moore, but realistically I don't feel they're even being considered.  Both have at least one year left (one being a junior and the other sophomore) to prove their worth, best of luck.


My Prediction: Colt McCoy