The Bronx Bombers Are Back!

Tag OldhamCorrespondent IJune 16, 2008

Are The New York Yankees Murders Row finally back?  After watching the Yankees game yesterday I have come to believe that they are. I have rated each player who played on Saturday.

Johnny Damon CF (A+): 3-6. Johnny Damon had another fabulous night, is now batting .328, and playing as great in the outfield as he ever has.

Derek Jeter SS (B+): 2-4. Derek Jeter has been slumping as of late. He's only batting .273. On Saturday he did a lot better, having two RBI's and a run scored. Maybe the good game on Saturday will spark something for Jeter.

Hideki Matsui LF (A): 2-5 Hideki Matsui has been on FIRE! He's batting .325 with seven home runs. Don't forget about his always great fielding in left field.

Alex Rodriguez 3B (A): 2-4 Alex Rodriguez has got to be the most consistent power hitter in baseball. He's batting .326 with 12 home runs and he has been injured a good portion of the season.  Over at third, he's on track for another Gold Glove this year.

Jason Giambi 1B (B): 1-2 Jason Giambi has strong power, but no consistency. He's only batting .262, but leads the Yankees with 15 home runs.  Who said Jason Giambi couldn't play first base?  He's playing first as good as ever.

Jorge Posada C (A+): 2-2 What can't this veteran catcher do? He's batting .318 with three home runs. Last year he had the best batting avg. out of any catcher in baseball.

Robinson Cano 2B (C+): 2-4 Robinson Cano is only batting .225 with four home runs.  But what he lacks in batting he makes up for at second base.

Melky Cabrera RF (C): 0-5 Melky Cabrera is not a great hitter but I plan on him to improve greatly before the end of the season. He too is a fabulous fielder making every play no matter where they play him.

Chien-Ming Wang (P): 8-2 Wang started out the year 6-0 then lost two and won two. He has an ERA of 4.07. Last year he tied for most wins in the AL with 19. Though Wang came out of the game yesterday with an injured foot we have to hope that his injury doesn't last long.