Wanted: Head Football Coach

trey nelsonContributor INovember 30, 2009

Post Iron Bowl 2008-Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville “steps down” as “for what’s best for the program”

Post Wyoming Game 2008- Phillip Fulmer was told he would not return for the ’09 season.

                After a season of sitting on the sidelines and commentating on the occasion for local sports network stations, Tommy and Phil may be back in the picture and on the sidelines. As the 2009 season draws to an end a many programs releasing their head coaches, this leaves a great opportunity for these two coaches to enter the league again. Now Phil is rumored to be very interested in the Louisville job and somehow Tommy has been threw into the mix as well which I think is a good job for both coaches with a great resume behind them and proven success following. Tommy made the comment that he would really like a job where he can get to the BCS series with a bid and that’s fine, Virginia Cavs have opening and few people in mind but I’m sure Tommy’s name won’t look bad on the probable candidates.

                Both coaches could take the easy job and head to conference USA to try and lead the Thundering Herd of Marshall back to the elite in the conference.

                Now we all know Notre Dame is the job everyone is watching. We are waiting to see if Weis is out or if he is in, now if he is out, then that means more programs would become open if they do not have a coach in mind then they will be on the look. Many candidates are on the list of Notre Dame that to them “meets the goals they would like to achieve” so to say. I would love to see the day Tommy Tuberville takes the Irish into South Bend but that won’t happen any time soon. The local paper where I live in the sound off made a comment that they would try and pursue an off to Nick Saban, ha-ha yeah right, Saban is at Bama and he won’t be leaving unless Joe Paterno retires and they offer Saban the Job or if Notre Dame comes with the right amount of money, I don’t care what a coach says, if the price is right then so is the job because honestly money makes the world turn round.  

                We will all be paying attention as the jobs become available and see what coaches leave their programs for something new and we will all criticize or praise their decision and await the kickoff of the 2010 season with new faces in new places leading the way.