What Is Truly Happening at Juventus?

Saed KhatibContributor INovember 30, 2009

I think that being a Juventus fan since I first started watching football, has given me the liberty to ask "What is going on with Juventus"?

The team had a great start, with the promising signing of a lot of stars, mainly the arrival of Brazilian play-maker Diego from Werder Bremen, and F.Melo from fellow compatriots Fiorentina.

 A streak of 4 consecutive wins, and a tie away from Genoa were seen as pleasing results by all fans of the Bianconeri. But a surprising tie at home versus Bologna, followed by an away loss to Palermo, signaled echoes of "a club in crisis".

 Fans expected the team to compensate the past 2 awful results by winning an important home fixture against Fiorentina, 4th in Serie A the past year, but where dissapointed to find their side incapable of finishing off the visitors, thus ending the match in a tie.

 Juventus then needed an essential win against Maccabi Haifa in the UCL, and did get it by Chiellini's header at the 47th minute. This important win versus the Israeli side was followed by an unconvincing away win against Siena, and a thrashing of Sampadoria by a 5-1 final score.

 At this level Juventus fans were pleased, finally thinking that Ferrara has found the formula of success and winning. The following fixture was thought to be an easy one, a home tie versus Napoli. Goals from Trezegoal and "The atomic ant"(Giovinco) put Juve in the lead, but Juve, complacent by the 2 goal lead, conceded 3 goals, losing vital 3 points in there search of the calcio.

 Juve managed to win both there matches against Atalanta and Udinese, but they found a tough French competitor waiting 4 them in Bordeaux, and suffered a 2 nil loss while falling short on performance and failing to make any impact on the game.

And on a pleasant Sunday afternoon, while sitting with my friends in a cafe, enjoying my meal, I turned my head to find that the T.V. screen was showing a second goal for Cagliari against Juventus. I thought this should be 3 points in the bag, considering that Juve were 5 points away from Calcio leaders Inter Milan, and next week they going to face them in Torino. Now they trail away by 8 points, with players like Diego going down on morale.

Now I ask of you, people who watch the Calcio and Juventus fixtures, why do you think that Ciro Ferrara's side are struggling to find a winning streak? I have heard a lot of theories concerning that and still willing to hear more.

My next article will be a response to all your comments, and i will tell you why I think Juventus isn't playing that well.