An Ode To Notre Dame Fans

Jonathan SlotterCorrespondent INovember 30, 2009

PALO ALTO, CA - NOVEMBER 28:  Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis walks off the field after warmups for their game against the Stanford Cardinal at Stanford Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Palo Alto, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I wrote an article earlier this year about why Notre Dame Wouldn't Win More than Eight Games . Some called me crazy. Here are some thoughts from those noble fans and how intelligent they really are:

"I won't debate you on ND's 2009 W-L record, but I'll bet you. You've got them at 7 wins. I'll take 8 or higher. Say, $5,000. Can you afford that much?"

If only I wasn't a college student. 

"If Jake Locker keeps the Huskies within a touchdown I'll anoint him the Messiah."

It should now be Touchdown Locker instead of Touchdown Jesus.

"but bottom line is this--ND has talent that most other programs would want (and did in the recruiting process) and if the team takes care of the football, they will be a lot better than 7-5 or 8-4"

Solid Point, but no coaching.

"Being a college student is a fair excuse for not taking a big money bet. It's also a fair excuse for you not to have developed any better judgment on ND's chances this year. "

So, I wonder if my judgment is off, what is this guys judgment?

"His view is that of a hater, that is ok. The better we get, the more hate. He is actually proof that we are an improving team. Nothing based on fact, just things based on the worse possible case for Notre Dame.

Go Irish, and go teach Texas Tech how to play D. Snead wanted me to say hello."

Texas Tech's total defense is 49th, Notre Dame's is 80th. Notre Dame has played three people in the top 40, Tech has five. Notre Dame has played one in the top 10, Tech has two.

"The worry for ND this year may be defensive line, which may keep them from winning the USC game and will make the Pitt and MSU game toss ups...but on paper they are better than 11 of the 12 teams they face."

I don't  think Notre Dame's defense is better than any team they played. Well, maybe Nevada

"Notre Dame at Purdue- This will be a record setting day for Notre Dame. ND 49 Purdue 10"

Perhaps my favorite prediction.

And then after this prediction he follows up (Ill have it noted that he says Notre Dame will go 11-1 with a tough loss to USC).

"So there's my prediction on the 2009 Irish. I see it rather more reasonable than the one up at the top of the page."

"spend about 20 more years watching and learning football before you make a fool of yourself. Remember this, it is better to be be silent and thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt. In other words, keep quiet."

Ill remember not to express my (correct) opinion.

"I agree Brian. I stopped reading when I saw the Washington score."

I had Notre Dame winning by 7 (which they did)...I wonder if he watched another Notre Dame game after that close win.

"When you have a schedule this easy you're [Texas Tech] basically going to go to a bowl game. Wonder what team gets to have an easy schedule like this? .... Houston (lmao)"

Good call, Houston was pretty terrible this year. I mean Texas Tech hasn’t played a road game against an unranked opponent in quite some time.

"My point is, you sound like you are a three year old when you wrote this article"

A damn smart three-year-old.

"Sorry I read this article, but when you write it about the greatest University out there you do it because you know it will get hits"

And this is why people hate Notre Dame fans.

"This is exactly the problem with 20 year olds like Jonny....the world began about 5 years ago, and all that has been in that period is all there ever will be. USC is greatness, ND never happened. That's why the Jonny's can never see change coming, and they get shocked by it"

I'm so very shocked by Notre Dame's losses.

"Um maybe that why Texas Tech schedule cupcakes OOC games?"

Probably because Texas Tech hasn't played a road game that hasn't been against a top 25 team since TAMU last year. 

"What a joke of an article. You claim winless Washington will keep it within a touchdown"

I claim, it happened. Sad Story.

“BTW, Conn's pass defense (against Ohio) now ranks it 56th in the nation and Purdue's total offense is 14th in the nation (vs. Toledo)”

And yet you lost these games. I told him to come get back at me and the end of the season. Not a word.

“Michigan will not score more than 31 points against ND. If Michigan wants to win this Saturday they're gonna have to score more than 31 points”

Did he even see the defense Notre Dame was putting out there?

“Nd's defense really blew it at the end. You know who also blew it? The refs.”

Another reason people hate Notre Dame fans, although this is a little more popular among other teams fans as well.

“Uh oh - all ND has to do to prove you wrong is beat WSU, Navy, UCONN and Stanford. Pitt should be a tough game.”

How did those games work out? Oh, you lost three of four.

This is an ode to Notre Dame Fans, who just talk without looking at the games from a realistic perspective. This I normally wouldn’t do, but attacking me and attacking something I didn’t even write about is absurd and there needs to be some accountability behind these people’s words. I hope you enjoyed.