Notes from the Lost Dossier: A Great Escape or Pushed Too Far Too Fast?

Sulayman H.Senior Writer INovember 30, 2009

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction"
-Winston Churchill


It’s the same old situation and a different complaint each day, they call out in hopes that their prayers are answered and they are delivered exactly what they want.

It doesn’t work that way; it never has.

It’s always for the greater good, but who knows or dares to dream of what is to come? Nothing works out the way we want it to but it’s no use crying over spilled milk. Instead, I’ll look forward to what comes tomorrow be it excitement or disappointment.

The tattered remains of a once great journal stood before me, the dossier that once held some of the most captivating texts was now destroyed. Inscribed on the corners were plans for something, some sort of iro—ugh, I can’t even make out what’s written.

After countless nights spent in deciphering what would come to pass in the world of professional wrestling, I came to realize that it’s almost foolish to predict what’s going to happen next. Jesse Ventura was correct in saying ‘never say never’ but this was just too much for anyone to take in at once.

The riots continue outside; for those who wanted change, they sure know how to turn on their words very quickly. They were ignored; they’ll be ignored again just like they were before.

Not one but four prisoners escaped; vanished without a trace vowing to never be shackled again.

It was everywhere, like a cancer, the news spread and before the masses had time to really get their ‘Sheamus is whiter than my sign’ banners, they were subdued .

Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it is perhaps the questionable conditions by which those alterations came into play that we should be worried about.

It was everywhere, on the radio, the Internet, the television, and the dirt sheets were ablaze with talks to the point that it would surrender one to think that a war was coming.

Reporter: Sergeant! Sergeant Slaughter! Your thoughts on what is being dubbed as the great escape?

Sgt. Slaughter: We have received information that both Shawn Michaels and Triple H have helped two of the four, I knew it! Those two were never to be trusted!

Reporter: Serge, what about Kofi?

Sgt.: His Ghanaian connections have a lot of political pull, his people or ‘fans’ as he calls them demanded his escape so an agent was sent in, we have no info. on said agent.

Reporter: Is it true that you are on the hunt for the elusive Captain Charisma?

Sgt. (gazes at the reporter’s tie which has a CC monogram): That son of bi— he’s helped break out one of the most athletically gifted athletes. *pauses to wipe the sweat of his upper lip quickly and sits down* There’s no stopping him now.

The phone rings and startles me; I look around and realize I’m still in bed and find myself staring at the sergeant rambling on TV.

Me: Hello?

Commissioner: We need you at the station, now.

Me: What about the Dossier?

Commissioner: Just bring it; it may be of some use to us. We need to know how they broke out; the hounds will take care of the rest.

I arrive at the station promptly and begin my work only to notice my inbox is filled with post-its. Detective Juan passes by and mutters something about Ms. Claire Publications.

I put the dossier in the desk drawer and turn my focus to the newly placed folder on my desk.

Me: Look, if sergeant says Shawn and Hunt—

Commissioner: No! You listen to me! I don’t care how you do it but Hunter will be cleared of all charges. Get it?

Me: And what of Kingston and Benjamin?

Commissioner: What of them? It’s not like they’ve paid their dues, they are the top priority, blah blah, blah…

I zoned out after he said ‘paid their dues’ and for good reason. Shelton and Kingston need not be chased, they are innocent, they have served their sentence, and now they are destined for great things.

Kingston was destined to escape eventually, his people had demanded it. I remember the protests that were held a few months ago, I had attended one of those rallies but all I can remember of that day was something to do with sweet meats or something.

What was it again?

I pulled out the dossier and scanned through the pages at the back which I had been using to jot down my thoughts.

15/3/09    D.S. starts a rally:

“We will not be denied, if Kofi is the steak, we are the SIZZLE.”

Why was I there again? Never mind.        

It’s only a matter of time before their hard work pays off but how to apprehend the Celtic Warrior?

How to you capture such an unstoppable force of destruction? How do you stop a man whose intensity can only be matched by the indomitable Brock Lesnar?

Facts are facts, no matter how we choose to dissect them; they remain standing still like the pillars of an ancient foundation. Both men found themselves on the path to championship gold in the same time frame; what remains to be seen is whether Sheamus will follow in the footsteps of the ruthless South Dakotan.

One thing that people seem to forget that Brock had an ace up his sleeve in the form of the demoniac: Paul Heyman.

Heyman not only provided Lesnar with the game plan and establishing his dominance by choosing who to go after but as the mouthpiece of the relentless mercenary and that furthered the mystique surrounding Lesnar in the eyes of all.

Can Sheamus be stopped or is he too destined to be labeled ‘the next big thing?’

I glance at a mug in front of me; like every cup of coffee, it cools down and so will his push; probably.

How to spring a trap for the senile Scotsman? How can Drew McIntyre be stopped?

I was allowed to view some of the evidence tapes and from that, I can make out that McIntyre doesn’t seem like an immediate threat yet he’s still out there and the possibilities are endless if it was indeed the infamous duo of HBK and HHH that had unobtrusively fashioned a route out for the 6 ft. 6 genetic dissenter.

What was shocking is that within a mere two months of his capture, he was able to escape. That’s probably why the sergeant concluded that it was an inside job. Only the prisoners so accustomed to the maddening structure would know exactly how to break out.

On the flip side, rumors can be nothing more than what they are.

What of Shelton? Where does it leave him ? Need I say more?

Seven long years of wait and he’s escaped only to be apprehended again?

Enough is enough.

I’m burning his file along with Kingston’s. I’m dumping the old standard because, frankly, it’s time for a new one.

Sheamus, McIntyre, Kofi, and Shelton: the four who flew over the cuckoo’s nest.


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