Is the Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 26 a Done Deal?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 30, 2009

With all the news that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is wanting to do something special in the WWE, some speculated that he was bringing a new show to the table. While that appears to still be rumored, another big rumor has come out recently.

John Cena has been kind of on Johnson's case for a while. When he was promoting the WWE and 12 Rounds , he took a few shots at Johnson. He claimed that he left the wrestling fans after saying he loved them and the business.

He has said for about a year now that he would love to face Johnson one day. And Johnson has been asked numerous times about that in interviews. He never really said anything about it, other than "John Cena is a funny guy."

So it looked like he figured it was said in a joking manner and he didn't want to dive into it that much. For some time now, people have wanted to see a marquee matchup such as this.

Last year we saw a big match in the Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, which was my personal favorite Wrestlemania match of all time. And at Wrestlemania 26, we could be seeing John Cena/The Rock.

Many feel it would be a passing of the torch moment of some sort. We saw Rock/Hogan at Wrestlemania 18, and that was supposed to be the defining passing of the torch moment, but Rocky left the WWE full-time just a few years after.

Now, the reason rumored matchup came about was because next issue of Inside Wrestling features The Rock and John Cena on the cover of the magazine with a headline reading: "Hot WrestleMania Rumor—John Cena vs. The Rock."

This is a sister company of Pro-Wrestling Illustrated, who is a very notable and legit source. So they wouldn't do something like this if they didn't think it would be possible or even hear about it from anyone within the WWE.

The synopsis of the article says:

"The relationship between The Rock and John Cena is strange. Cena respects all The Rock has accomplished yet seems to resent it at the same time. That is why "The Champ" is pining for a match with The Rock at WWE's showcase event. Word is, this mega-bout is close to being signed."

The magazine hits news stands Dec. 8.

As I mentioned, Cena has been clamoring for it to happen. And Johnson came out in an interview saying that he wanted to do something big with the WWE and felt he had more time to give back to the fans.

This also could be the year that The Rock goes into the Hall of Fame, so many speculate that he would do this as a last favor to the WWE.

It is said that he will be hosting RAW in January to promote The Tooth Fairy , which is a Disney Film about a hockey player (Johnson) who hits people so hard that he knocks out their teeth, so much so that he acquires the nickname "The Tooth Fairy." Somehow he has to repay a bad deed by becoming the real life tooth fairy.

Seems interesting, but has the same sort of plot The Gameplan had. Of course, Johnson said that he loves working on Disney projects because they are something his daughter can watch. Hey, if you get paid for it and can make your daughter happy, then why not, right?

Still though, many feel that once he comes in for the hosting gig that the storyline will be set up for he and Cena.

There is a rumor that Cena could be facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26, but if Rocky signs on to work at Mania, then that will be scratched, of course. 'Taker can face anyone and put on a great show at Wrestlemania, so I'm not worried about what he will do.

Would we see Johnson come in weekly around Wrestlemania time for storyline purposes though? I'm not sure. One would think he would if there is a match between he and Cena.

I mean there is a lot of greatness that can be done here. And if treated right, this could be a massive Wrestlemania.

And one thing people would love to see is a Cena heel turn. Believe me, if he faces the Rock he won't be the face, so a heel turn for the storyline seems right to me.

Again, this is rumored as of now. And I can't say that this is close to being signed like some are. But, do I think it should happen and would be great to see? That would be a heck yeah!