The Dominant SEC Starts and Finishes Season the Same Way Against ACC

Donald FincherAnalyst INovember 30, 2009

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 28:  Akeem Dent #51 of the Georgia Bulldogs tackles quarterback Josh Nesbitt #9 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium on November 28, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The SEC is considered to be the best conference in college football. 

They are even marketed by the media as some hybrid between the NFL and the rest of college football.  And they really showed it against the ACC...again.

The ACC, on the other hand, thought they were going to take the best of the Big East and fold it in to their conference and be a contender.  Instead, they apparently have gone backwards.

Because of geographic proximity, no league plays the SEC as many times as the ACC teams do.  That's bad news for them.  If you were the commissioner of the ACC or one of the schools' presidents, you could not have envisioned a worse scenario as two 7-5 SEC teams beat the two teams that are playing in the ACC's conference title game.  That's just embarrassing..

The year started, as it did last year, with Alabama beating a supposed ACC frontrunner in a prime time, showcase, hyped-all-summer-long, game.  This year Bama beat Virginia Tech.  Last year it was Clemson.

And it ended with Georgia manhandling Georgia Tech, South Carolina beating Clemson worse than the score indicated (though that was bad enough), and Florida stepping off the gas pedal at halftime against Florida State.

With the exception of South Carolina, this is nothing new.  Georgia has won somewhere around seven of the last 10 games against Georgia Tech.  Florida has beaten Florida State six consecutive times, the last three badly. 

No wonder Urban Meyer was vowing his respect for Bobby Bowden after the game.  He wants Bobby around another 20 years.

The ACC has conference envy because it is situated nearby the SEC and has the unfortunate task of having to compete for many of the same kids.  They know that the four and five star kids go to the SEC. 

They've tried everything.

They've inked a TV deal back before Alabama hired Saban to put their top teams against 'Bama in a showcase game.  Back when Mike Shula was coach, the idea was to sneak a win or two against the SEC in prime time and people would think it's a big deal because it was 'Bama, notwithstanding the fact that Mike Shula was the coach. 

That didn't work out. 

They tried conference expansion and a conference championship game because it has worked great for the SEC.  Both have failed miserably for the ACC.

They've tried improving their record against the SEC by scheduling some games with the SEC's lesser tearms.  This only manages to produce some statistical anomalies.

This past weekend showed just how much separation there is between these two conferences and, by extension, college football as a whole.