Mad Max Will Regret Post Game Blunder

Tim PetersonCorrespondent INovember 29, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY - NOVEMBER 22:  Max Hall #15 of the BYU Cougarsthrows a pass against  the Utah Utes at Rice-Eccles Stadium on November 22, 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

After Max Hall connected with tight end Andrew George for a dramatic game-winning touchdown giving BYU a thrilling 26-23 overtime win over Utah.  


Immediately following the game, Hall blasted everyone associated with the Utes program and the university.


The stunning post-game comments authored by BYU’s  quarterback, now rank among the most infamous of all time.


But Hall’s hate filled message towards the university and its fans is much more damaging than Austin Collie’s “magic happens” speech or Lenny Gomes’ “they’ll be pumping my gas” comment.


The surprising tirade also goes against everything that BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall proclaims to teach and inspire as the leader of Brigham Young’s football program.


Hall was obviously frustrated from last year’s loss to Utah, where he threw a career-high 5 interceptions. “I don’t like Utah,” Hall said. “In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, I hate their fans, I hate everything.


“So it felt really good to send those guys home. They didn’t deserve it. It was our turn, and our turn to win. We deserved it. We played as hard as we could tonight.”


Hall said his family was treated rudely by Utah fans at Rice-Eccles Stadium in last year’s rivalry game. “I think the whole university, their fans, and their organization is classless. They threw beer on my family and stuff last year and they did a whole bunch of nasty things, and I don’t respect them and they deserve to lose.”


No doubt Hall’s comments are over the top and flat out wrong. As a senior he’s also savvy enough to understand that. He blew up because it was his last chance to do so.


Should we just chalk it up as the culmination of an emotional game? Absolutly not!


Does Hall owe Kyle Whittingham, Utah A.D. Chris Hill and countless others an apology? No, he can say what he wants but there will be repercussions.


What happens from here is up to Hall and the spin doctors in the BYU athletic department.  


Here’s what should happen. BYU's public relations machine will spin these comments as “spur of the moment” remarks.


Hall will issue a statement apologizing (Update: Hall did issue an apology late Sunday night) to the Utah football program and anyone that was offended by his post-game remarks. That should be the end of it, right? Not exactly.


To steal a line from ESPN’s Lee Corso--not so fast my friend.


The truth of the matter is these outrageous comments will live on as bulletin board material, perhaps giving future Utah teams a little extra motivation.


Sports radio will play this stuff for months, all the way through the bowl season and beyond.


The bottomline is BYU may talk a good game about honor codes, but until Hall officially apologizes for his mistake, the majority of football fans in this state won’t remember his 25-yarder that won the game.


They'll only remember his awful comments afterwards.