Horrendous Play-Calling Hurts Dolphins in Loss To the Bills

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Horrendous Play-Calling Hurts Dolphins in Loss To the Bills
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While the final score was 31-14, I will assure you this was not as lopsided a game as the score would lead you to believe. This game was tied in the 4th quarter but the Dolphins let it get out of hand.

In fact, the Dolphins should have blown the game open in the first half.

However, Dolphin offensive coordinator Dan Henning's play calling was atrocious.

On their first drive of the game, the Dolphins were having success with the running game. However, with the ball on the one yard line, the Dolphins tried to throw the ball into the end zone. That was already an odd decision, but even stranger is the fact that it was Ricky Williams on the pass attempt. The pass was intercepted and no points came out of the drive.

The Dolphins had no business throwing the ball, let alone with their running back who hasn't thrown a pass in years. It just doesn't make sense. 

Over the course of the game, I noticed Henning decided to go with the pass when it just wasn't necessary. There was never an issue running the ball. Sure you want to mix it up and give the defense some different looks, but in all seriousness why not run the ball until they prove they can consistently stop it?

This Bills team came into the game dead last in the league in run defense and we just abandoned it when it was working.

Another needless play call occurred when Henning decided to call a Ted Ginn reverse during a sustained Dolphins' drive. What's the logic in that? It pulled the team out of field goal range and prevented even more scoring opportunities.

Another questionable called occurred when the Dolphins needed desperately to get the ball away from their own endzone. What was with throwing twice? After the first failed pass to Ginn, the Dolphins should have tried to run the ball and get it out of there. Even if they didn't get the first down, a couple of Ricky Williams carries would have given Brandon Fields some room to kick and get out of a possible safety situation.

All year, Henning has gone away from the running game and the wildcat at critical times in the game.

Some of the blame for the Dolphins' woes this year has to go to the coordinating. If the Dolphins would have taken advantage of their opportunities to enhance their lead and put point up early, the game would've been much different and possibly would have ended in a Miami Dolphin victory.

Unfortunately as it has been all year, the Dolphins play calling was very suspect and the Dolphins missed an opportunity to gain ground in the wild card race, and possibly the division.

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