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PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 28:  Matt Cooke #24 of the Pittsburgh Penguins mixes it up with Ryan Callahan #24 of the New York Rangers in the third period at Mellon Arena on November 28, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Penguins won 8-3.  (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Justin K. Aller/Getty Images


In the last eleven games the New York Blue Bums have allowed 40 goals. On an average they allow 4 goals a game for the season and from the look of things King Hank is no longer King Hank.

Whether it is an injury that has been the issue, or just the simple fact that the Blue Bums have the worst defense in the league, this is going to be Lundqvuist’s worst year as the Bums goalie.

The recipe has had some great ingredients in the past few years. You throw in some Jagr, Shanahan, Gomez and Drury, you toss in an old Naslund , Zherdev, Gaborik and a prospal, and it all ends up with the same results, disaster!

What can possibly be going through Lundqvists mind as he went from the greatest to having the worst numbers in the NHL. Regardless of how good a player is, you can not be confident that you will win a game when you go on the ice in front of your net and look across that cool ice rink and see the defense you have and you know that they suck. And you will get no support. A lonesome King is a dying King!

What is worse is that their head couch will go and do an interview and say well we need to score more goals. I am sorry but scoring goals does not help you keep the puck out of your own net. Once again, that means the Blue Bums need to score what , 9 goals to win a game now and if they did, then Pittsburg would have score 10 or maybe 15 goals.Is this Baseball or Hockey?

There is only one answer to this problem and it is not because Wade Redden is out with an injury, because Booby Sanguinetti was a plus one on the game. If Redden was playing the score would have been 12 to 3 . Bottom line is that the coaching sucks and the defense can not get any worse. Steve Valiquette did not have a great game, but it was not his fault alone!

The Blue Bums tried to rumble back by picking a few fights, Sean Avery decided to jump a guy from behind, Brashear had two roughing penalties, but hey, it is the 3rd period, you are down 8-3, if you really wanted to make a statement you empty the benches and get right down to brawling. The rumbling Blue Bums still came away with the loss and a few bumps. Did they prove anything with the fights , no.they didn’t. I love fighting, I favor players that do fight and do it often, but in this case it was useless. I would have rather seen them show more fighting spirit in trying to win the game when it was still close, but as usual that didn’t happen.

Henrik Lundqvist has not been getting any support what so ever. I mean what will it take for the coach to realize that his system is all wrong for these guys. He needs to get his head out of his ass soon because not only is he benching all the wrong guys, but his system is costing them important games.

Last night the Penguins embarrassed the Blue Bums scoring 8 goals. It is not like this is something knew this year either. The night before it was Tampa Bay scoring 5, the Blue Jackets scored 4 , Atlanta 5, and it goes on and on 4 plus goals.

The New Jersey Devils, who do not have a good team when you look at players individually, but they have only given up 4 plus goals only four times this year. It is not because Marty is that much better of a goalie than Lundqvist is, it is because his defense supports him in their own zone and they are much better all around defensively.

The same thing happen last year. The Blue Bums came out like raging bulls, then it all went sour. Other teams where getting better and the Blue Bums were getting worse. We can not blame Gomez, he was doing his average. Why did anyone expect anything more. Can not blame Zherdev, hell he carried the team the whole first half of the season and you most certainly can not blame Lundqvist because he kept them in every game doing his thing between the pipes.

If the Blue Bums continue to win one game and lose five, win two games and lose five, at the end of the year you have your self a losing team. At this rate, that is what we are looking at. A losing team again.

They have been embarrassed so many games already, Tortorella’s tough talk means nothing when they are being out hustled every game. This guy has been working on offense since day one and it has amounted to nothing. When will this idiot realize it does not matter how many goals you score when you can not keep the puck out of your own zone and out of your own net. Defenders constantly giving up one side of the ice infront of thier goalie. it is rediculous and embarassing!

So the King must be thinking what the hell does he have to do to get a win. Here he is, keeping them in the game, busting his ass trying to stop pucks that are coming from everywhere, and his defense just abandons him in their zone. This is becoming a joke. Offense alone does not win games or Stanley Cups.

Michal Rozsival scored his first goal in 42 games. He has cost the Blue Bums ten times that many goals with his poor defense and terrible mistakes in the offensive zone. As much as I hate to say it however He has played good the last two games, now this does not mean a turn around for Rosy. Forget it, it is not going to happen. He is still 150% Bum! If there is a God , Rosy’s counterpart Wade Redden will be out for the rest of the season , do to an upper body injury. What they mean by that is he finally went completely brain dead. We can only pray to be so lucky!

So here we are, new coach , new team, everyone is worried and concentrating on offense but very few goals are being scored, and everyone forgot how to play defense. If you need to score 5 goals or 9 goals a game in order to win, you already lost the season. Unless the head coach wakes up, works on defense 101 . Gets the team to Stops taking penalties, and focus’ on keeping the goals out of the net. Then we can win with the playing ability of Marion Gaborik and Vinny {the man} Prospal! Until then we can forget about it.

Hank may have an injury, and if he does, the Blue Bums season just took a turn for the worst. He has been banged around and barreled over several times already and missed a few games do to an injury. If you through Valiquette in goal with this defense, you can forget it. Teams will be begging to play the Blue Bums. It will be goal heaven. Vally will be the turkey in a shooting gallery.

Every player with the exceptions of Gabby and prospal, needs to step it up and start scoring goals. Teams know, if they shut down Gabby and Prospal, they will win. The flip side to that cion is that every player needs to help out defensively. The Bums had a few games where they collapsed around the net and they only allowed a goal. One game ended in a shut out for them. Why would they not continue to play that style of defense is just a mystery.

So lets get this straight, Tortorella style of play has not been effective so he has been trying to improve their offense. The Bums give up 4 goals a game, but the coach works on fixing their offense. They lose 8-3 but it was the offense. Their defense played three games where everyone collapsed around the net and they won 1-0 in one game and 3-1 in another. But yet they have abandoned that defensive strategy to do what again? Ah you guessed it, work on their offense. I guess as long as we losing by 5 goals they can always just work on their offense. So we give up on what works and continue to try to fix what has not worked since God created man.

I wonder if Tortorella can even say LOSER OF THE WEEK! BECAUSE HE HAS WON IT AGAIN!