Role Reversal: Oklahoma Sooners Play Spoiler In Bedlam

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent INovember 29, 2009

STILLWATER, OK - SEPTEMBER 05:  Head coach Mike Gundy of the Oklahoma State Cowboys walks the sidelines during the college football game against the Georgia Bulldogs at Boone Pickens Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The Cowboys defeated the Bulldogs 24-10.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was almost 2001 all over again, where a late season loss to the OSU Cowboys sent the Sooners to the Cotton Bowl, costing them and the conference millions in BCS bowl money.

In this year's version of bedlam, the twist is it was the Sooners playing the spoiler role to the Cowboys’ BCS dreams.

It would of been huge for the Cowboys, sending them to their first BCS bowl, and proving at least one Pickins’ plan is alive and well.

However, a shutout by a sub-par OU and a blowout by Texas shows that OSU has a long way to go before they are able to compete with the big boys in the Big 12 South.

That fact bodes poorly for the Cowboys, who lose a lot of talent on both sides of the ball after the season.

The long-term future looks good, Gundy has proven to be a good coach, Bill Young is apparently happy and staying for the long haul and a top-10 recruiting class will be arriving in Stillwater this spring.

But short term with losing an immense amount of talent and being so far behind the top dogs head-to-head this year, the next two years may really tell us what kind of program OSU has currently.

For the Sooners, after a dominant shutout against a top-15 team and a close loss to an undefeated Texas team, they find themselves wondering what could of been, outside of Lubbock, which has been a house of horrors for the Sooners this decade.

The Sooners came oh-so close in oh-so many games.

At times this year, they looked like the championship caliber defense promised in the preseason while at others, they looked like John Blake never left town.

People have bagged on Stoops this year for five losses but really with their extremee rash of injuries, he deserves an award much more than a pink slip.

Take Texas for example, as good as they are, if they would have lost McCoy (their Bradford), in game one, Shipley (Gresham) and Houston (Granger) before the season started, then during the season lost Sergio Kindle (English) and their secondary tight end and X-factor Dan Buckner (Eldridge), and on top of all that missed one or two lineman every single week due to injury.

Not only does the Stoops not deserve to be fired he deserves a raise.

No one would expect Texas to be competitive with that many personnel losses but the Sooners were in every game except for one.
You can play the injury game with Florida, Alabama, TCU, and really any team. Take five players off their roster, their two best for sure and then three more off their top-10 and two more that have to sit out a few games and see if you think their roster could still win tough games on the road.

The fact that I feel the need to defend Stoops shows that the monster analogy of Barry Switzer rings true. Oklahoma football is a monster and it is always hungry and never satisfied and nothing but winning suppresses it. It does not care why you cannot win and will accept no excuses.

Barry himself had said repeatedly that the monster is in good hands.

If the state that once deemed itself Switzerland, will not believe Barry then they wont believe anyone. Be careful what you wish for, every program is just one bad hire away from obscurity.

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