Liverpool Depends Too Much On Steven Gerrard and Torres?

Monkey GorrilaContributor INovember 29, 2009

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - NOVEMBER 24:  Steven Gerrard of Liverpool walks past Manager Rafael Benitez as he is substituted during the UEFA Champions League group E match between Debrecen and Liverpool at the Ferenc Puskas Stadium on November 24, 2009 in Budapest, Hungary.  (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

As Liverpool continue to get hit by injury problems and competition misery... Is Rafa really still confident that he could pull the Reds out of hell pit?

At the beginning of the season, Steven Gerrard had already been said to have face some injury problems which alerted Liverpool to search for possible replacement in his absent which could've been longer and continuous. And now, it has proven itself to be continuous... His injuries not only worried Rafa but also England's Big Boss which suffered their first defeat in a team that had no Chelsea or Liverpool Players in it. (Something to be proud of for Chelsea and Liverpool fans). England's defeat and the only goal in the match was scored by a Brazilian Player helped out by an England Manchester United Player. And for the first time in history, Foster actually did a pretty good job until he decided to try to get himself sent off. And the fact that Mr. Wayne Rooney is nothing without the CM, is also proven with his "amazing" performance that night. This obviously shows the importance of Steven Gerrard in the England Formation.

In addition to the missing captain, Torres, Liverpool's spear headed Striker also face a lot of injury. But just like Owen, Torres is also easily injured. But of course, Torres is a much better Striker compared to that Liverpool Betrayer... 

The questions come that whether Liverpool depends way too much on the two stars?

In the absent of Torres and Gerrard, we see the Reds screw up their season losing one game followed by another. After half a season sits at the 7th position in the league table, with 13 plays and only 20 points, with 13 points behind EPL Leader Chelsea which could be even worst if they screw up todays Everton vs Liverpool match and if Chelsea crushes Arsenal.

Being sent out of Champion League means they only got 3 more cup to worry about but then, they also got sent out of Carling Cup by the Gunners in a 2-1 defeat. So Rafa who need not worry about his job because Liverpool doesn't have enough to sack him, will have to worry only about his precious EPL and the FA Cup. And from the current condition, the FA Cup looks more reasonable. Just like Chelsea last year, Guus already decided to only put pressure in the EPL and win the CL and the FA... He did both very well winning one and getting cheated out of the other. Everyone were saying the BAR vs CHE match, whoever wins that wins the Champion League, and it really happened.

So with only two cups to go for and more injury problems... is Rafa ready to face his doom? or is he planning something else? 

The this season games he see how much Liverpool depends on Torres and Steven Gerrard and also how much Torres depends on Gerrard. Rafa must learn to believe in the other players.... Liverpool have a lot of wonderful players and its about time Rafa put them where they belong. Last season, Gerrard and Torres were spear leading every match and they were good because very few injury problem arise. But this season, Rafa have to change to bring Liverpool back to the top four.... and at least win the FA.