Orlando Settles For a 100-98 Fourth Quarter Comeback

Aaron ShawContributor IOctober 12, 2016

Elsa/Getty Images


As the 12-4 Magic faced the 8-7 Bucks, the Bucks led early in the game as they lead the Magic as much as 17 points. One could say that fatigue could be a factor as to why the Magic were trailing early in the game. They are coming off a 4 game winning streak in which the Magic have surpassed the Hawks to take the lead in the Eastern conference by a solid game.

For rookie Guard Brandon Jennings the evening would prove to be one of his worse games thus far this season as he went 7 for 22, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, and 18 points. Milwaukee brought their “A” to face the Magic, an “A” game that would diminish after the half for the bucks who lead the majority of the game. 47-56 was the score at half time as the Magic were dealing with issues such as Vince Carter having a busted lip, Rashard Lewis having foul trouble and Pietrus not being able to put up any points o the evening at all. Pietrus ended the night 0-5, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal.

It was not until late in the 3rd quarter before the Magic would produce any effort that might seem as though they were there to win. It started wit the Magic down by 10 ( 60-70) in the Third quarter with 3:33 left and a 3 point shot by Carter that seemed to awaken the Magic. With 6:28 left tin the 4th the Magic were up by 5 points and trying to maintain an 11-2 run against the Bucks whom would come back later in the fourth to tie the game. At one point in the fourth the Magic were noted for being 6/10 from the field while the Bucks were struggling 3/8 against a raging Magic defense. Although the Bucks did manage to tie the game late in the fourth quarter with 1:06 left and the score 98 all, the Bucks just could not handle the Magic defense. A defense that is to be accounted for having 7 blocked shots and 17 rebounds on the evening as the Magic come back to win and advance to 13-4 on the season.

The Magic move on to having 5 straight road wins and allowing Dwight Howard to producing his 11th double-double on the season along with 4 blocks.

The Magic play again against the New York Knicks in a double header which starts tomorrow@ 6 in New York.