Time for the NFL to Create Unit Awards

Paul PreibisiusAnalyst INovember 28, 2009

With all of the MVP talk in the NFL right now, with most of it boiling down to three quarterbacks, I have noticed certain other aspects mentioned that have no real chance of succeeding.

An article a few weeks back talked about it how it's time to grant an Offensive Lineman an MVP award. This article sparked my interest. Now there is no way you can justify even the best left tackle in the business receiving the MVP. No matter how good he is, it all falls apart if the other four are performing poorly.

So we cannot award such players with significant awards by themselves. But why not add some unit-based awards in football?

A trophy going to the best offensive line for example and in these days of platoons the best backfield, as well as the best linebacking corps, etc.

Victories are what should be valued, not awards. Yet it would be nice to have an area where these guys can get their respect as a group and be recognized. It is not as exciting or sexy a draw as the focus on skill position guys, but it warrants some form of attention. 

One could even consolidate to "outstanding offensive unit" and "outstanding defensive unit" should you wish to avoid too many extra awards being handed out. This way the best secondary would be judged against the best linebacking corps, against the best defensive line, etc.

On offense, the only concern would be an urge to start rewarding skill positions again as the focus (either wideouts as a unit or running backs committees). 

Ultimately this attention to groups may help dissolve some of the urge for individual stat-masters, a la diva wide receivers, a side benefit to simply rewarding those groups that have greatly contributed to their team’s success. So why not make this a reality and give units the recognition they deserve?