Should The Rangers Consider Trading Henrik Lundqvist?

Metro HockeyCorrespondent INovember 28, 2009

The title of this article may seem absolutely crazy to Rangers fans, but with the way this season has shaped up, along with the play of goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, one has to wonder if the Rangers are considering trading their franchise goaltender, who has been nicknamed "The King" by the fan base.

During the course of tonight's game, a trade proposal was mentioned by a friend involving Lundqvist getting dealt to the Atlanta Thrashers. The trade proposal includes the following:

To Atlanta
Henrik Lundqvist
Michal Rozsival
Marc Staal

To New York
Ilya Kovalchuk
Ondrej Pavelec

This trade proposal intrigued me so much that I invited the originator, Jimmy Clark, to be a guest blogger to discuss this. Here is what he had to say:

While this trade would give up a fan favorite and a cornerstone of the franchise, the Rangers would get another one right back. We have to be real here, Lundqvist has not been playing his best, the team really needs scoring, and it would be nice to dump some cap in a trade too. So who has an elite scorer, needs a good goalie, and can take on a big contract or two? The Atlanta Thrashers. It makes perfect sense. If Glen Sather could get them to throw in goaltender Ondrej Pavelec in the trade, that would be ideal. The Rangers could platoon him and Valiquette for the rest of the year and we would have to assume that the standout goalie in Hartford this year, Chad Johnson, would be ready to step into the starters role next year [or be Pavelec's backup].

The reason the Rangers include Staal in this trade is to get rid of Rozsival. They need to make some sacrifices to get rid of a contract like his, and I think they can only do that if they include someone like Staal, who will be an RFA this year anyway. The Rangers also have some top level defensive prospects as well who would be able to step in next year. While this trade may sacrifice the Rangers for this year, I think it would makes them a much better team in the future. They would just have to dump one more of the big contracts so they can resign Kovalchuk, and there would be some extra cap room to bring in a center for Gaborik and Kovalchuk; Marc Savard would be a possibility.

I know this trade proposal will not be popular and shot down by most people because of their ever present affection for Henrik, or because they have his jersey, but I really think it would help the Rangers out greatly.

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