Ottawa Senators' Goaltending the Equivalent of the Red Sox Curse?

Robert ReidContributor IJune 15, 2008

Goaltending.  Talk to anyone—they say, it wins you championships. 

Personally I think I have to agree.  Look back for a second.  16 seasons the Senators have been in the league.  They have been supposed contenders for eight years now. 

What is the one ESSENTIAL thing the Senators have never had.  An elite Goaltender?  A while ago, James Duthie of TSN talked about the history of poor goaltending choices by the Sens.

There was Tugnutt, Rhodes, Siedorkowicz, Barasso, Lalime, Prusek, Hurme—and of course, Hasek, who lasted all of four months before blowing out his abductor muscle.  

I would love the opportunity to speak with current and past owners, presidents, GMs, coaches—damn, even trainer—as to why the Senators have never made that draft or that trade to acquire that goalie. 

What happened to Muckler? Please explain to me your GREAT wisdom in not pulling the trigger on the Luongo deal.

Debates rage. Convoluted discussions of how goaltending isn't that important continue. 

But I ask you this—had the Senators had that No. 1 goaltender, what do you think their playoff success might have been?  In all honesty, the Senators probably would have won at least one Stanley Cup by now. 

Don't agree? Damn, Carolina won one with Cam Ward.  Edmonton went to the finals with Dwayne Roloson.  Why? Because they got hot at the right time. 

So if Ottawa's problem isn't finding an elite goalie, then it definitely is finding that goalie to get hot at the right time to take them over that hump.  Mr. Murray—please do something about the goaltending!

Gerber was good this year, but at times his play was less than desirable.  Emery?  I won't even bother writing about that disappointment. 

Please, just once, take a gamble.  Trade Spezza for Luongo. Throw in Vermette, and a draft pick too—it's LUONGO.  

Trade Heatley and Volchenkov to Calgary for Kipper.  Nabokov?  J.S. Giguere?  Should I go on? 

Yes, I know you have to find the right dance partner.  But you're going to tell me that in this salary-cap era, given the players we have and the cap space some teams lack, we can't trade some of our players for one of those goalies out there?

Maybe it's a fan's perspective, living in blind faith.  Maybe it's wishful thinking.  I just find it HIGHLY bizarre that in all the years in our league, we've never once had a goalie that steals you those games to get those 16 victories.