Getting Excited For Nothing? And What I Think About Boozer.

Cody CaseyContributor INovember 28, 2009

I have reserved my trash talking Boozer for sometime, as hard as the urge has hit me, I realize it's a team sport, I realize one player can get hot and change the direction of any given game, but outside of MJ, this is usually a random occurrence, losing is a team occurrence, as no one guy can play 5 guys by himself and win a game, this was Lebron's curse his first few years in the league, back to my point, I realize Boozer has absolutely not 1 ounce of loyalty in his blood, I have a very strong feeling and suspicion as to the reason for this, and he's getting divorced from her now! so I went easy on him, but logic tells me, if someone has no choice but to play on a team, like him or not, you should direct your energy at pumping him up, not bringing him down, and I knew once he got his stroke back people would turn their hatred elsewhere, well the guy everybody in Utah hates is becoming the sole reason the Jazz have pulled a few of these games out, like I said, it's a team game, but down the stretch Boozer has made the shot's that a "superstar" needs to make, Here's how I view the "superstar" the team needs to pull their share of the load during the game, if the games close and down to the wire, it's the 'superstars' job to step up and make the shots that need to be made, and carry the load the rest of the way, this Jazz team is just to inconsistent for one 'superstar' to be on the team, D-Will can only carry the load of his team, plus his own for so long, eventually something's got to give, and if we didn't have Boozer, I cant say surely we'd have pulled a few of these games out! but outside of the playoffs, Boozers never been the source of my doubt, actually, when the Jazz decide to play basketball, I have no doubt, they are on paper, an extremely good basketball team, but I fall into the Charles Barkley mindset anymore, after sitting on the world stage year after year for TNT, and knowing the Jazz potential, and predicting they will finally pull their heads out, now he is hard pressed to even say a good word about them, even when they win, as proven in their win over the Spurs, all Barkley had to say the entire post game show was "how do you get beat that many times in a row by one team" and Ive began to feel the same way, I have to believe it has something to do with Jerry, it hurts to say that, but I never saw a Jazz team in the Malone\Stockton era that half ass ed it, that didn't feel the need to jump for a rebound, that openly discussed opting out of a contract to a reporter, then didn't suffer some ramifications for it, maybe it was Malone\Stockton that pulled rank, I just don't know, I really honestly believe Okur is becoming a big strike against the Jazz being on the court in close games, he refuses to play defense, has a huge 3pt stroke, when it's on! Id rather them develop the big man more, cause when it comes down to it, Id rather have Fez in and trying to block shots and grab rebounds, and not shooting, then Okur in, skipping down the court, then just waiting to fire up a shot that might or might not go in, the only people that should even be taking shots in a tied game with 2 minutes left are Williams, Boozer, and maybe AK,  Boozer has actually been trying to play defense lately, and if it's permanent I don't know, but nothing enrages me more then watching 3 opposing players go for a rebound that would be Okurs, if he chose to jump for it! I was impressed by the win over the Bulls, but they arent the Lakers, or the Celtics, or even Oklahoma City!and until I see quality play, for 4 qrts, against the best teams, I cant do anything but be a pessimist!