Why the WWE Championship Is Exciting Again

Steven RansiearCorrespondent INovember 27, 2009

For the first time in years, I'm excited about the WWE Championship scene.
For oh so long we've had a never-ending trading of the belt between HHH, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Sure Jeffy Hardy and Batista snuck in once or twice, but it's been dominated by only a select few since 2006.
Right now though, we've finally got a few breakout superstars ready to take over when the call is made.
Just recently a relative newcomer in Sheamus has asserted himself into the main event scene. With a championship match at the TLC PPV coming soon, RAW finally has another heel to work with.
On the flip side, the hot new babyface is Kofi Kingston. Kingston has all the tools you would look for in a face for your company. This year we saw Kingston break out of his shell on ECW and enter into a career-making feud with Randy Orton. 
Kofi has dropped the fake Jamaican accent and the happy go lucky gimmick. Now we see a youngster with fire in his heart, ready to fight back against a big bully in Randy Orton.
It's because Orton is such a strong personality in the WWE that when Kingston made that shift, it instantly clicked and got over with the audience. It was a smart move on the WWE's part to put a little faith in a new guy.
Outside of Kingston and Sheamus you have the potential hidden inside the annual WWE Draft to shake things up.
Assuming both Kingston and Sheamus stay on RAW, it would be a wise move to bring some talent from Smackdown over to add to the mix. If RAW is the flagship show, then it should have the best championship division possible.
Take Chris Jericho, who will most likely be losing the the Unified Tag Team Championship as Big Show is heading for the operating room soon. Jericho has done a lot in the WWE including being a top champion.
Right now however, his great heel persona could lead to him being the perfect counter to a John Cena or a Kofi Kingston should Kingston rise further up the ladder.
Of course there's a better option right now if you want to pluck a heel from Smackdown. CM Punk is stuck in mid card hell with R-Truth.
It doesn't matter if you like R-Truth or not, he's not a main eventer. CM Punk has nothing to gain from this program. Putting him back on RAW is a decision I would make in a heartbeat.
Punk had a great match with John Cena on the Thanksgiving RAW recently which showed that he can work with essentially anyone in the company. The fans were into it and you have to believe the promos Punk could deliver in a program with Cena would be golden.
Punk can tear anyone down but Cena also has the ability to dish it right back. A feud needs both strong promos and angles as well as strong matches.
Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to move The Undertaker from his long time home on Smackdown.
It'd make sense to have one of the biggest stars in WWE history to be on the A-Show as his career comes to a close. You have some major names on RAW that could provide a potential Wrestlemania-caliber feud for the dead man.
I for one wouldn't mind seeing HHH against Taker at Wrestlemania for the belt, but it seems like HHH is locked into DX for the foreseeable future.
As a secondary option, why not look into a Sheamus-Undertaker program? I don't think it'd be the Wrestlemania spectacle that most would hope for but it could really make or break the Celtic Warrior. Many have gained valuable experience and credibility after working with The Undertaker.
With those small roster changes you could have a totally new breed of championship division on RAW. Transitioning from HHH, Orton, and Cena to Kingston, Sheamus, The Undertaker, Cena, and Punk or Jericho. Which seems more diverse to you?
It's quite easy for us to sit back and look at very simple changes that could add so much to the overall product of a company. Finally, it looks like some of those changes have been put into motion.
Things are looking good for the WWE Championship, my friends.