Shane Carwin Vs Cain Velasquez: Locked and Loaded to Pull The Trigger

Javier E.Contributor INovember 27, 2009

With a series of sudden and unexpected injuries claiming many event caliber fighters. The UFC has been nervously trying to put together a worthy card for their year end show UFC 108. Many proposed main events such as Brock Lesnar vs Shawn Carwin, Anderson Silva vs Vitor Bilfort, and Antonio Nogueira vs Cain Velasquez have been cancelled due to injury. The headlining match now is Rashad Evans vs Thiago Silva.


Now a match UFC should focus on making reality involves two of the heavyweight divisions fastest rising stars. A match proposed before but ended up scrapped. Yes I'm talking about Shane Carwin vs Cain Velasquez. This match was originally scheduled for UFC 104 in order to determine a top contender for Lesnars title, but it was cancelled for the Lesnar vs Carwin bout, but with Lesnar out with a serious illness Shane has no opponent. Neither  does Cain since Nogueira pulled out of their match with a staph injury. So why not just create an Interim Heavyweight title and have these two beasts slug it out.

Lesnar is reportedly going to be out of action for another 6-10 months or maybe even longer. So what are they waiting for? I personally think Carwin vs Velasquez would be a great match up. Both of these two are undefeated in their careers and have knockout power. Carwins last three bouts in the UFC have ended with KO or TKO, All under two minutes of the first round. Cains last six bouts have ended with TKO with the exception of Cheick Kongo.

We've seen in the past Carwins explosive, sometimes frightning power. Which could provide a threat to Cain, but Cain has shown he can take a couple of hard punches to the chin as evidence in the Kongo bout.

I know Carwins out with knee surgery but when he comes back all healthy. I hope UFC takes its shot and makes this match official.


So who would win?

Shane or Cain?


Just so you know my money would be on Carwin to win this match even though I'm a big fan of Cain.