Sunday Summary: St. Louis Cardinals Devoured by Injuries, but Still Winning

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IJune 15, 2008


Skip Schumaker: Skip is now hitting over .310, and has five HRs and 25 RBIs. His leadoff skills and numbers are similar to more heralded table-setters like Placido Polanco and Ichiro.

Troy Glaus: Has five HRs in the last 10 days, and has raised his average to around .270. His defense has also been good lately, and he looks to finally be acclimated.

Kyle Lohse: He has won his last five starts, including two stellar starts this week. While Todd Wellemeyer might have eliminated himself from the NL team with his rushed return on Friday, Lohse has entered the All-Star game discussion.

Braden Looper: I don't like him as a starter, but he shut me up this week. He tossed a complete game three-hitter, and gave the bullpen a huge lift. Great work.


Injuries: What the hell? Can the Cards catch a break? In consecutive days, the Redbirds put their ace pitcher and best player on the DL. Todd Wellemeyer clearly shouldn't be starting right now. Yadi Molina left the game on a stretcher today. Wow. Can we get a break that doesn't involve someone's bones? Thanks.

Friday: Pretty much everything about the 20-2 loss sucked. Except Aaron Miles. And the ejections. Enough said. Let's not dwell. The Cardinals certainly didn't.

Lefties: I really think this is going to be a problem if Mozeliak can't find a trade to enhance the lefty spots in the bullpen.

In the last month, Randy Flores' ERA has increased by three runs. He was completely worthless on Sunday. I could walk Utley and Howard. Ron Villone has remembered that he sucks. Tyler Johnson is out for the year, and Ron Flores (Randy's inferior brother) is the only option in Memphis.


Aaron Miles: His average has slipped almost 20 points in the last week, but hey, he threw the only 1-2-3 inning in the Cardinals 20-2 skunker. That's just awesome.

Injured Pitchers: I count Wellemeyer and Wainwright in a different category, since they were just hurt this week. As far as the pitchers already on the DL, there are many sub-plots going on. 

Mark Mulder and Matt Clement started both games of a doubleheader in Double-A Springfield on Saturday. Mulder threw a scoreless five frames, while Clement tossed a decent five innings, giving up three runs.

To continue the positive, Jason Isringhausen was activated on Saturday in St. Louis, but hasn't been used yet.

Now on to the negative, Chris Carpenter has experienced a setback in his comeback. He might need surgery on a nerve in his pitching arm, but many pitchers have gone through this same procedure and only been delayed two to four weeks.


According to recent trends, a crucial Cardinals player will break their finger while tying their shoe in the clubhouse after a game, resulting in a month long trip to the DL. In all seriousness, watch out for more injuries. They seem to be coming in bunches right now.

This week the Birds play KC at home, and the Red Sox at Fenway. The Royals series should be interesting, as Kansas Shitty is throwing the ultra-talented Grienke and Bannister duo.

Watch to see who starts on Thursday. Whispers are saying Mark Mulder, with his new and improved throwing slot, could get the call. How would that be for a return? "Here are the returning champs on the road. Good luck, Mark."

Also, Izzy will get into the mix sooner than later, so keep tabs on him. He could be an important player if he can regain his old form.

Lastly, Molina's status is unknown at the time of publication. He had movement in his limbs, but was advised not to because of discomfort in his neck. If he goes on the DL, look for super-prospect Bryan Anderson to get the call from Memphis.