Kobe Bryant: Analysis of the Lakers' Shooting Guard

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2008

1) Inside Scoring: A


When he’s near the basket, he’s nearly unstoppable.



2) 3-Point Shooting: A-


He’s known for hitting the big time shots, but his shooting percentage must increase from behind the arc if he hopes to one day be considered Jordan-esque.



3) Dunking: A


He is a very, very solid dunker.



4) Passing: B-


Kobe Bryant’s passing skills have improved very much over the years. However, they may never be as good as LeBron’s.



5) Offensive Rebounding: C+


Kobe averages 1.1 offensive rebounds per game in his career. He has shown the ability though to grab offensive rebounds when they matter the most, thereby constituting a slightly higher grade than I normally would have given.



6) Defensive Rebounding: B-


He averaged 6.3 rebounds per game last season. That’s not too bad for a shooting guard.



7) Ball Handling: A


Kobe controls the ball like a point guard, and he moves with the rock as well as anyone in the game.



8) Stealing: A-


With an average of 1.8 steals per game last season, Kobe has shown that he can take the ball away when he wants to.



9) Blocking: C


He doesn’t get many blocks, but he has shown the ability to get one or two in clutch situations.



10) Defensive Pressure: A-


An All NBA first team defender, Kobe can defend on the perimeter as well as anyone in the game.



11) Free Throw Shooting: B+


An 84 percent free throw shooting rate is very good. Could it be better? Yes.


Overall Grade: A