Kyle Busch's Donuts for Checkers or Wreckers?

Andrew FletcherCorrespondent IJune 15, 2008

By Andrew Fletcher

Kyle Busch wins Talladega. He wrecks at Pocono.  Busch wins at Atlanta, but crashes into Dale Jr. at Richmond.

Everyone has come to realize that Busch is an awesome driver, but still has multiple flaws.

He is an all out racer who pushes to the max in every race, which is exciting for us, the fans. But is killing his reputation.

The fans have booed him at every race track that the circuit has gone to, so much that it’s a surprise that they didn't throw any beer cans at him, when he won at Talladega.

All in all, Busch is great for the sport because every sport needs a bad guy or a bad ass team. Like the New Jersey Devils in the NHL or the New York Yankees in Baseball.

Busch is one of those drivers who only wants to win and win do so at all costs, even if it means sacrificing his own car to do it. Just like at Darlington.

His drive to win is much like the one and only Michael Schumacher who pushed in every race and never gave up.

But pushing to the maximum has a price and has hurt him time and time again.

For example at Kentucky, when he was chasing down his teammate, Joey Jogano. He spun and hit the wall and took himself out of contention, or at Nashville, where he spun trying to catch Clint Bowyer.

This is great for the sport in general as the "evil" Busch comes into each race with something for the fans to see.

It was amazing watching him fly through the field at Kentucky during the Nationwide Series race. It only took him 40 laps to go from 35th to first and that’s the kind of racing I turned to the television to see.

I was saddened after his crash, not because he was out of the race, but about his answer when asked if he was going to run Milwaukee or not.

“No, I’m done,” he told the ESPN reporter.

He is not a class act, but he rebels against all who frown upon his driving style.

He is as tough as the Tony Stewart from 2002, who we loved to hate.

Or as fearless as the Kevin Harvick who jumped over Greg Biffle’s car to strangle him.

Not saying strangling anyone is good, but it makes the sport more exciting and more fun to watch.

Hockey’s popular because of the fighting and the hitting and Busch brings to the table the kind of smack down that the sport needs.

He comes out to the public as a bad boy, because he is painfully honest, but will admit to his mistakes.

He has also put his brother, the 2004 Sprint Cup Champion Kurt Busch into hiding.  

He done so much that even the Toyota Formula One team has his number.

Whether it’s taking the Checkers for another win in Cup or spinning on Pit Roadin the Trucks, he is the best thing for the NASCAR environment.